A hint of nostalgia.

You: I miss playing pogs.
Stranger: I miss playing Mortal Kombat.
You: I miss playing Streets of Rage.
Stranger: I miss playing Sunset Riders.
You: I miss playing GoldenEye 007 on the N64.
Stranger: And I had Streets of Rage.
Stranger: I miss playing Rollo To The Rescue.
You: I miss playing Rayman.
Stranger: I miss Playing Castle of Illusion.
You: I miss playing marbles.
Stranger: Ahhh, marbles…
Stranger: I miss bulding spaceships out of chairs with my brother.
You: And Golden Axe on Sega.
You: I miss moving all the furniture around with my four brothers and creating hideaways and roleplaying.
Stranger: I made corridors with my brother, and we would crawl around them and play You’re It.
You: I miss when one brother and I would play on the couch, pretending that I was falling off it into a sea of sharks and he’d pull me up to rescure me. He was Ryu and I was Kimberley.
Stranger: Lol.
Stranger: I miss Hey Arnold and The Magic Bus.
You: I miss Doug.
Stranger: Angry Beavers.
You: Cycling around the block on my bike and making friends with the neighbours.
Stranger: I did that too!
You: =)
You: Making mud pies with them on the sidewalk, and chalking things that our angry neighbour Sheila would complain about.
Stranger: Lol, I would go to my grandma’s sister’s place with my family, and we’d take stuff from her kitchen and mix them in a pot, in the tree house.
Stranger: My brother and I.
You: We’d wet an area of the back yard that was without grass and we’d slide across the mud and have mud fights.
You: Water fights! Water pistols, water balloons, straight up hosing each other down.
Stranger: Ahh, I know, we did that too!
Stranger: Now, I spend the whole day here.
Stranger: In my room with my best friend.
Stranger: The computer.
You: Sad times, my friend. The old days are long gone.
You: Kids won’t experience childhood the way we did.
Stranger: I know.
You: I know 5-8 year olds that play on the computer all the time.
Stranger: I know!
Stranger: And they have cellphones! Like, what the f?!
You: Atleast we got to experience all that we did. I only hope my children can experience the same.
Stranger: I know, me too.
You: You have made me all nostalgic now.
Stranger: You started it!
You: I did, didn’t I.

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