a wise tiger once told me… :)

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Stranger: Hi.
You: what do tigers dream of?

Stranger: Well, just a good thing you chanced upon me.
Stranger: You see, I happen to be a tiger.
Stranger: And I know for a FACT that we dream of…
You: ah :)
You: bring out ur tiger knoledge and enlighten me with ur dreams
Stranger: … UPVC Window Sealants.
Stranger: Yeah I know…
Stranger: Not particularly “tigerish”…
Stranger: I imagine you thought it would be
You: i did lol what a surprise!
Stranger: more along the lines of free roaming in the African Savanna… the hot orange breeze brushing past our fur to the sweet sound of nature’s symphony
Stranger: But it’s actually UPVC Window Sealants.
You: what makes u think of such things mr tiger?
Stranger: Well, this economic downturn has been real tough on us in the african subcontinent.
You: oh i see what u mean
You: must be hard
Stranger: The goods are becoming an ever higher scarcity and you… with diminishing returns and all anyway
Stranger: Exactly.
Stranger: A lot of outsourcing’s been taking place this last decade too. You can’t find the prey anywhere nowadays.
Stranger: They’re all in abattoirs.
You: so is UPVC window sealants what all animals are dreamin of or is it just tigers
Stranger: Time being, it’s very much tigers.
Stranger: A lot of us are falling back on construction… picking up DIY here and there hoping to pick up some skills other than…
Stranger: you know
Stranger: the whole hunting antelope thing
Stranger: Don’t get me wrong.
You: oh well thats amazing :)
Stranger: I still have my dreams.
You: u must have good knowledge of the world u in
You: many animals have not a clue
Stranger: I still dream about roaming the plains, though!
Stranger: Yeah, a lot of the animals seem to either know
Stranger: or just don’t care
Stranger: I mean
Stranger: The other day I was trying to talk to a hyena about it all
Stranger: He just laughed in my face.
You: oh how rude!!
Stranger: Very.
You: shocking how some are so rude thse days
Stranger: Exactly.
Stranger: I’ve been told they used to be…
Stranger: Actually, I have no idea what they used to be.
Stranger: On a related note
You: haha :)
You: yes?
Stranger: Do you know what came first, the chicken or the egg?
You: i rate the chicken cause otherwise what would look after the egg,to make sure it hatches
Stranger: Yeah well, if you know anyone who knows for certain
Stranger: tell me will ya?
Stranger: I’ve got twenty bucks riding on this
You: i was told the chicken by a wise rabbi
Stranger: I thought egg, cause it would come from the chicken’s evolutionary ancestors
Stranger: ah, that explains it
Stranger: The rabbi is probably a creationist.
Stranger: Let me tell you.
Stranger: That flood thing?
Stranger: Never happened.
Stranger: Anyway, I got to go
You: definatly never happened but…
Stranger: I asked the elephants.
Stranger: They remember everything, boy…
You: the stories created always have morals and they can guide u through life as to being a good person
You: haha
Stranger: Not good for the tiger though
Stranger: We just get killed at will by humans!
Stranger: ciao, humanoid
You: some humans like myself are trying to protect u
You: farewell wise tiger :)
Stranger: ciao
You: thank you for sharing ur thoughts
Stranger: remember to get any drafts round windows checked
You: ill look out for them
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
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