Alphabet Chat

You: B is for bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble. B is for bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble. B is for bubble like bubble gum and B is for brother who brought you some. There’s no better letter for bubble gum than B is for bubble…
Stranger: omg you legend!
Stranger: :3
You: C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me.
Stranger: continue!
Stranger: :P
You: D is for donuts that’s good enough for us.
You: E is for egg salad — my favorite
You: F is for friend. Will you be mine?
Stranger: yes
You: G is for good gravy
Stranger: i is for inuit cold as the sea
You: I love igloos too!
Stranger: continue the aplabet
You: T is for tundra
Stranger: :)
You: H is for HELLO!!!!!!!!
Stranger: v is for vuvuzela their good enough for me
You: J is for JELLO!
You: D is sometimes for disgusting.
Stranger: k is for koolaid the sour tart drink :)
You: K is for kit kats. I love chocolates.
Stranger: :)
You: L is for lazy and dirty laundry
Stranger: s is for soviet russia where juice drinks YOU!
You: M is for mom always said don’t throw balls in the house.
Stranger: true
You: N is for nice things like green grass
Stranger: and you :)
You: O is for OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO that’s so nice.
Stranger: you are nice
Stranger: :)
You: P is for pals. You are my pal.
Stranger: you make my week :)
Stranger: we are both pals
You: Q is for quince. I like fruit.
Stranger: L is for legend , you are one of these
Stranger: i love fruit
You: R is for right now I’m very happy.
Stranger: :)
Stranger: were happy too :)
You: S is for sleep. I will definitely do that tonight.
Stranger: the royal we
You: T is for totally awesome — you are!!!!
Stranger: x is for xray ouch , that hurt x
You: U is for the umbrella that I didn’t need today because it was a very sunny day today.
Stranger: 0_o
You: V is for violets and other nice smelling flowers.
Stranger: l is for luck , its not blowing a Gale :)
Stranger: L
You: W is for WOW!! I didn’t understand what you just wrote.
You: X is for xray. You are right.
You: Y is for YOU!!!!!!!!
Stranger: s is often for sad , but not now!
You: Z is for zipper I have them on my coat.
Stranger: P is for parrot Skwawk , omg!
You: P is for pumpkin pie. But I like potato pie better.
Stranger: as do i
You: A was forgotten but now I remember — Awesome just like you!!!
Stranger: :3
Stranger: T is for touched, i am by this convo :)
You: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
Stranger: V is for villain , some are good some are bad
You: I love the alphabet. Yes some are good. I like when they have special powers that they use for good.
Stranger: :)
You: You have make my W is for week. Thanks for your c is for company.
Stranger: y for you have no idea how special i feel , getting to talk to a genious right now
You: T is for thank you!!!!
You: I was waiting for someone nice to talk to today. You really meet some c is for crazy people on here.
Stranger: :)
You: I will download our conversation and post it for all to see when we say b is for bye-bye.
Stranger: on what website?!
Stranger: call it alphabet chat
You: There’s an omegle website
You: You are the clever one — I like that.
Stranger: aaw this is soo great :)
Stranger: definitely call it alphabet chat so i can find it
You: I will. Perhaps we will meet again. Have a wonderful evening. And if we don’t meet again, have a wonderful life and remember someone out here loves you.
Stranger: omg xx
Stranger: t is for thank you
Stranger: for making my day
Stranger: :)
You: Bye pal!
You have disconnected.

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