Annoying Girly Reunion

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: YO.
Stranger: hey
You: Haha
Stranger: courtney?
You: Britney?! OH MY GAWD!!!!!111oneone!!!
Stranger: omggg!
You: I can’t believe it!!
Stranger: me either!!!!
You: Oh my, like, GAWD.
You: Wait. I thought you were dead?
Stranger: that was your mistake
Stranger: :O
You: Oh my gooodddd
You: But Josh like, totally told me you got pregnant
You: And when Jack found out he totally killed you!
Stranger: well, did you ever wonder what happened to Jack?
You: I heard he got attacked by a bear and the bear like, totally ate his dick
Stranger: well, no. he tried to stab me. and well, that knife ended up with him.
Stranger: court, keept this secret..
You: You go girl!!
Stranger: but i’m in the WPP and i live in a whole new state
You: Oh you know you can rely on me!! The whole gossip thing about Francine’s overdose was like totally not my fault
Stranger: i know, it was mine
You: Mhmm!! Bout time you admitted to it, biatch!
Stranger: yeah, sorry babe! haha god, i can’t believe i’m talking to you!
You: I know right!! It’s totally insane!!
You: Bitch, I missed you! Sorta…
Stranger: Yeah, but you should see this baby!
You: Your baby?
Stranger: yeah!
You: Oh my god so you didn’t get the abortion!? Gawd, I gotta stop listening to Josh…
Stranger: you really do. he’s a dumbass. and i hope you know he cheated on you..
You: Oh that’s okay I cheated on him with the whole football team
You: We have an ‘understanding’
Stranger: Haha thats my Courtney!
You: Hell yeah!!
Stranger: And I should say..
Stranger: My baby’s name is Veronica Courtney. After you, rgirll!!
You: Oh my god I think I’m gonna cry!
You: Happy tears, babe! :’)
Stranger: Hahaha good! I thought I’d never get to tell you that!
You: Actually, I have something to tell you, too
Stranger: Yeah?
You: Yeah. Um… You really are dead. You’ve been dead for over a year. After you killed Jake you got hit by a car.
You: I died two days ago, god damn it!
You: Drugs
You: You need to get it together girl!!
Stranger: Everyone’s dead, Court… Didn’t Josh ever tell you that? You: Wait wut
Stranger: Yeah..
You: I have SERIOUSLY got to do something about Josh!!
You: Gawd.
Stranger: You really do… And Jake is alive. He’s in hiding because he robbed a bank… With Josh.
You: Oh I totally knew about the bank thing. Josh told me something ’bout wanting to provide for the baby I said I had…
Stranger: Oh Gawd..
You: I knoww, complicated riiight.
Stranger: It really is. You totally need to see pics of the baby!
Stranger: And I have sad news too..
You: Oh no…
Stranger: I was supposed to have twins… A boy and a girl. His name was Mason Joshua. But he died, premature..
You: No wayy.. oh gawd, Brit, I’m so sorry
You: That, like, totally sucks
Stranger: Yeah, but he was so sick… I couldn’t kkeep him on the machines any longer.
You: Sad tears, babe D’:
Stranger: But I’m thankful for Veronica
You: Oh yeah totally
You: That girl’s gonna rock the world!!
You: Of course, ’cause she got a name like mine…
Stranger: She actually looks so much like her dad… And she will… With her mommy and Auntie Courtney!
Stranger: Rock the world that is… Haha
You: Oh totally, I can like, totally tell just by thinking about her
Stranger: haha it’ll be the bestt, Bitch!
You: Hell yeah Brit!
You: Oh but Brit, I got some bad news hun
Stranger: Oh gawd… What?
You: Satan like totally wants me to be his whore, and, I gotta admit, he’s like soooo sexyyy, so I’m not gonna turn him down so like, I gotta go…
You: I know, right.. bummerrr
You: But I’ll totally like, see you around.. sort of.. not really..!
Stranger: Yeah, well just google my new name. And my E-mail should be on one of the links!
You: Totally. Later babe!
Stranger: Byeee, Babe! Miss ya like Fuck!
You have disconnected.

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