Argument of the Gents

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: Salutations, sir! Have you recently experienced any notable situations worthy of discussion or regaling?
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: Have you?
You: Yes, I have.
Stranger: Very well.
Stranger: What of them?
You: I believe I initiated this conversation. Why don’t you go first?
Stranger: Well, I answered the question and then I followed up with a more specific one. It is surely your turn, sir or madam.
You: Your follow-up was anything but specific. All you attempted to do was step out of the limelight and start the turn of the tide.
Stranger: I beg to differ. I attempted to turn the tables, not the tide
You: It is an idiom, sir.
Stranger: Noted, sir or madam.
You: I am a man, good sir.
Stranger: The overarching point being, I asked you to describe your exploits, which you have so far failed to do. All you asked me is whether I had any
Stranger: Which I answered, sir.
You: I asked of any worthy of regaling. If they were, they would have been said.
Stranger: Well, that was your hope, but it was not contained within your initial query.
Stranger: Surely, good sir, you cannot deny this?
You: Yes, it was.
You: Right at the very end.
Stranger: You asked if they were worthy of discussion or regaling, to which I replied that they were indeed, which answered your question.
You: Yet I have yet to see if they are indeed worthy, since they have not been discussed.
You: As so far, they haven’t.
You: And that would make you a liar, sir.
Stranger: Ahh, but that judgment was left up to me in my response, was it not?
You: No, it was not.
Stranger: I beg to differ, sir!
You: I refuse.
Stranger: At the very least there is a wretched ambiguity in the phrasing of your question
You: I will perhaps agree to that, but I have cleared the ambiguity with my intentions.
Stranger: This is indeed the case, but it may be a case of “too little, too late.”
You: Only because you will not tell me this story of yours.
You: If you would, there would be no case.
Stranger: But I have insisted upon the dictums of conversational etiquette, which you have so far refused to follow.
You: ಠ.ಠ
Stranger: To wit, you answer my question, and then you get to ask another one that I shall answer, and so on.
You: You are being quite absurd.
Stranger: I am not.
You: You have only answered a single one then wanted another, then, in all probability, another after that.
You: You want to command this conversation.
Stranger: This is patently false
You: But, as the initiator, I will take my charge.
Stranger: We BOTH want to command this conversation.
You: I realize this.
Stranger: But only one of us shall prevail!
You: To the dueling patio!
Stranger: *walks to dueling patio, trips on threshold through glass window, slits neck accidentally, dies*
You: Mary, leave the tea on. I want a spot of Earl Grey when I come back.
You: Oh, never mind. I’ll take that tea now, thank you.
Stranger: Don’t forget to pour one out for me!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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