Boris the unicorn

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You: Once a upon a time…[add on]
Stranger: there was this unicorn
Stranger: ..?
You: and the unicorns name was boris. Boris loved to eat penguins
Stranger: but not just any penguins. the ones that have bow ties.
Stranger: he lived in north dakota..
Stranger: so it was hard to find.
You: So boris disguised himself as an elephant and went to the zoo to look for some penguins…but sadly there were none with bow ties
You: because it was casual friday
Stranger: so then, he went to hollywood. he thought, hey people are all fancy like up there. maybe ill get lucky. so he dressed up at justin beiber. but silly boris didnt know that if he looked like that, someone was going to punch him in the face.
Stranger: so he had to find another disguise .
You: so he disguised himself as a ninja…because he thought everyone loved ninjas…but then he was drugged and brought to china to a ninja training camp
Stranger: boris was very confused at the camp. he thought he was a magical creature, but seeing these people, he knew he wasnt the only one.. he learned to run up walls and knock people out just by glancing at them. he felt very much at home.
You: but what he didn’t know was that he wasn’t actually wasn’t there…he was all a dream from when he got punched in the face. When Boris woke up he didn’t realize he was infront of the zoo.
Stranger: and when he looked down, he realized, he no longer had on his elephant costume! suddenly a zoo keeper spotted him.. luckily he was a moron so he walked up to boris and said, oh silly flicka, whats that party hat doing on your forehead? and wondered off.
You: Boris was happy about this. He walked around the zoo looking for the penguins.But then next zoo keeper wasn’t dumb. He realized that it was indeed a unicorn. He captured Boris…but luckily he was right next to the penguins!!
Stranger: so one night, he decided to sneak into the penguin exhibit.. but when he got there, he realized it was freezing and went back for his sweater.. his stripped sweater.
You: When he got back he saw sponge bob singing the striped sweater song…and he pulled out his lighter and waved his hoof back and forth to the music. And when the song was done he was surrounded by penguins…with bowties
Stranger: who knew those glorious penguins loved sponge bob?? if only boris had known that in the first place..
You: Boris requested another song from spongebob. And got ready for his feeding frenzy. He went into his cave and put his bib on. But when he went back out he saw spongebob walking away and the penguins followed him
Stranger: he thought that spongebob had only wanted the penguins for himself! and he thought he was his friend. enraged, he ripped off his bib and galloped over to sponge bob, looked him in the eye and said…
You: “What are you doing with those penguins” spongebob just looked at him with tears in his eyes. “you can’t hurt these penguins anymore boris…i’ve been following you for months.
Stranger: “oh great, peta2, right? well crap. i only wanted a nibble.. just one.” but sponge bob refused.. he knew that boris and been a recent member of the PEA (penguin eaters anonymous) he was there to cut him off.
You: Boris broke down in tears. He walked away and went to the local airport. He looked at the places to go. He saw antartica on the list….thinking about the penguins he look around for spongebob and bought a ticket. When he got there he found a big group of classy penguins with bowties. But when he put his bib on he saw spongebob…”Why are you stalking me O.o” Boris said
Stranger: “im not stalking you. im in your IMAGINATION (rainbow appears) you dont really want to eat them, now do you?” but boris wasnt a stupid unicorn. “OF COURSE I DO..!? i dont think id spend all my money on a stupid ticket if i didnt want to eat some fricking penguin.”
You: spongebob looked at him. I don’t believe you want to eat the penguins..i think our jealous of the penguins and you want to be one. Then spongebob used his magical powers and mad boris a unicorn….the only problem is…HE DIDN’T HAVE A BOWTIE
You: “mad boris a unicorn” mad should be made
You: ohhh opps he was changed into a penguin
You: my bad
Stranger: but he still had his horn. but since he did have a bow tie, he decided to charge sponge bob. silly boris wasnt used to his new happy feet yet, so he slid all the way into the ocean. in a daze he tried to get back on land when suddenly, a narwal appeared! he was frightened until he realized who it was..
Stranger: it was his mother.
Stranger: boris realized there why he had been abandoned as a baby. unicorns being the hybrid of a narwal and a horse, couldnt be raised by either. & thats why they left him..
You: Tears came to boris’s eyes when he realized that he could finally be with his mother. But now he wanted to find his father and reunite his parents so they could get back togehter cause he didn’t realize that they couldn’t be together.
You: but what boris didn’t realize…spongebob wasn’t in his imagination at all…infact..spongebob…was…his father 0.0 *bum bum bum*
Stranger: but when he asked his mom where she met his father, she mentioned something about a one night in peru next to a cruise line and a bottle of jack daniel’s. boris believed every word of her silly lie and grew up believing his father was a handsome stud from a farm in milwaukee.
You: but when spongebob came out of nowhere his mother was enraged…”I THOUGHT YOU PROMISED TO STAY AWAY FROM ME…AND YOUR SONG” the mother said
You: opps i meant song
You: son**
Stranger: “ohh haha yeah that restraining order you got, it expired last week. SORRYY. looks like youre out of luck..”
You: she looked at him…”and how long have you been stalking him”
You: boris looked at him shocked…you said you’ve been following me for months
Stranger: “ohh you stupid little unicorn.. well penguin. ive been watching you since youre birth. which btw was really gross..”
You: “I hate you!” Boris exclaimed as he swam off….and sadly got eaten by a lepord seal….which was actually his uncle.
You: When he was swallowed Boris woke up….it turned out to be just a dream…and boris’s first thought was “I think i might stay in bed today”
Stranger: haha, i want to continue the story, but i feel like this is a good ending. lol
You: lol….i thought so too
You: hmm….the story was like a page and 1/2
Stranger: hahah it was fun to make (:
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