Can i?

Stranger: hey ;)
You: can i take a shit on your chest?
Stranger: no…
You: why nt
You: i ate corn yesterday ;)
Stranger: well, you’re no where near me. besides that’s just like…. no…
You: where are you
You: i can get on the next flight
Stranger: why do you need to do it on my chest?
You: so i can smear it all over
You: mmmm
Stranger: well that’s disturbing…
You: we can play in the pigs pen on my farm after
You: roll around in some pig doo doo
You: maybe fuck around in there
Stranger: what the heck is wrong with you?
You: what is wrong with you
You: you dont like a little raunchy fore play
You: i ate corn
Stranger: um… what do you think?
You: its great
You: corn comes out just like it went in
You: so it will be appetizing on your chest
You: i can smear it around a bit for you
You: it will be wonderful
You: mmmm
Stranger: you are a sick, sick man
You: im a girl
You: a girl with needs
You: and wants
You: and i want to take a giant fucking shit on your chest
You: and smear it
You: but since your being a nasty bitch
Stranger: you realize i’m a girl too
You: i will shit in your face and smear it on there instead
You: how do you like the taste of corn
You: that has been regurgitated out of my fucking ass hole
Stranger: what is wrong with you!?
You: you should have accepted my first offer
You: you fucking cunt bag
You: now you have to not only smell my shit
You: look at my shit
You: but you have to eat it too
Stranger: cuz of course you know where i am and you’re coming after me
You: I will be on the next flight out
You: now lets start over
You: can i take a shit on your chest?
Stranger: no
You: It wont take much for me to hack into your computer via your IP address
You: and find out where you live
You: and when i do
You: i will bring you back to my farm
You: to roll in the pig doo doo
You: and once you are covered in pig doo doo
You: it wont be much to be shat on by my corn shit
Stranger: you’re not fully there, mentally, are you?

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