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Forget Travelling, Go Omegling.

This is now not exclusive to the times you are out and about travelling. The internet is brimming with sites providing the online equivalent to this phenomenon, much in the same way as in reality the empty seat left determines your company, the site picks your random user to talk to.

All you have to do is chat away to your possible new buddy. With no on screen names it will be all of what you say that defines you as a person, and what others say that creates an image of them in your mind as well.

One of the many sites available for this is Omegle, whether it’s video or text chat you want to use pay it a visit. Don’t worry about people knowing who you are, you’ve not got a screen name so you’re as invisible as you want to be or let them see as much about you as you want. Your ‘Stranger’ could be from anywhere, get to know them and who knows where your friend might be, around the corner or three hundred miles away.

Maybe you want a bit of fun and this is your way to escape or maybe you fancy finding a new acquaintance, whichever it is you are sure to be grinning from ear to ear after a few minutes on one of these sites. You can never tell which way the conversation will go and it is this anticipation that many people will find gets them hooked on finding new friends in this way.

If the chat isn’t going so well you can always have a change. Close the conversation and that person is gone and it’s not likely you’ll come across each other again. Don’t forget though if the chat is going well and you don’t want it to stop make sure the window stays open or they might be lost forever.

Video, text and voice chat are all readily available from similar sites each providing a random partner to talk to. Just looking on web forums talking about these kind of sites will give you countless examples of alternative sites. Whatever it is you are after log on and get talking to like minded people out there.

Who knows what type of person you’ll meet today. There will be people from all walks of life and yet you will have no idea until you’re thrust into communication with them. Take the opportunity provided to expand knowledge and friendships far and wide, and all from the comfort of your own home. Omegle and many more are waiting out there to be discovered.

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GoogleChat Indian Troll: Calcutta is a Shithole

reezwanansari:  Hi
Sent at 11:57 PM on Saturday
reezwanansari:  ?
Sent at 4:39 AM on Sunday
reezwanansari:  Hey
Sent at 6:39 AM on Sunday
me:  who are you
Sent at 7:29 AM on Sunday
reezwanansari:  Reezwan n u?
me:  Reezwan, from INDIA?!?!?!!
reezwanansari:  Yeah!
Sent at 7:35 AM on Sunday
reezwanansari did not receive your chat.
me:  omg
hi reez
how are you in curry town my friend
mon freir
mon ami
mi amigo
te parle le français?
reezwanansari:  Who r u?
me:  REE
reezwanansari:  1st tel me ur name..
1st tel me ur name..
me:  i just did reezwanansari
its MAKMUD!!!
reezwanansari:  Why u hate indians?
Sent at 9:21 AM on Sunday
me:  i do not
i just dislike curry
with the passion of shiva’s ex-husband
allah akbar
Sent at 9:23 AM on Sunday
reezwanansari:  I thnk u r very narrow minded.
me:  why
what is so good bout indias
Sent at 9:26 AM on Sunday
reezwanansari:  India is heaven..
me:  no
Calcutta is shithole
Sent at 9:28 AM on Sunday
reezwanansari:  1st u tel have u visit india.
Sent at 9:29 AM on Sunday
reezwanansari:  Wat happen.
Sent at 9:31 AM on Sunday



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My Opinion on Omegle (HELLO INDIA)

After just getting very stoned with my friend here, we have come to the conclusion that omegle is like, for all you Indians, signing your name on a tree. I am glad to see that you, “GOT THE INTERNET!!”, and hope that you realize that isn’t salvageable, like e-waste.



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Psychology Study Using Omegle: Who Are You, Really?

Chat with a StrangerWell, it was about time the educated academic masses took to dissertations on this and that regarding Omegle and its potential for self-illumination. We at Omegle Chats got tweeted recently by a certain Jessica Dove regarding a study she is running for her fourth year dissertation.  First of all, to all of you Indians out there–no, don’t get too excited, she’s more than three sticks throw from the flea market, so hands off.

Second, I think that this dissertation holds worthy cause; the stated purpose is to “explore whether we can form personality judgements in CMC interactions, how confident we feel about any such judgements and how they relate to our communicative behaviours.” In laymans terms (or Harijans for you out there in curry-town), this young beautiful woman is looking to evaluate whether or not a person’s intuition can operate on a digital plane. I am very interested in knowing the outcome of this study, and encourage you all to participate in this study.

Click here to participate in the study (scroll down to bottom).

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Awkward Conversation Sent in by Pre-Pubescent Teen via Twitter

Awkward Omegle

Which begs the question– are you a rappist? Do you rap? Do you have sex with little girls against their will? Obviously, this 14 year old girl wanted to know. Well DemonButterCup, I hope that the Indian massives of Omegle will rise to the occasion and help you answer this inquisition:

R U a rapistt?

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Omegle Girls #2


Well due to the influx of emails I got yesterday in response to the original omegle girls post, I decided I would start the day off right with once again entertaining all of you with a little collection of pics.

Hottest Omegle Girl Ever

Sent in by Amir, thank you very much Amir. According to Amir, the back story is that he met this girl (Cassie) on Omegle, and wooed her with his Indian charm. Sparks were flying and Amir claims that the very power of Shiva was coursing through his veins as she asked him if he had heard of a book Kite Runner. This having been the third instance of a white female asking Amir if he had read the novel, he understood quickly that the correct answer was yes, and that indeed his great-cousin was related to the original Amir.

And yes, the whole thing with the Kite really did happen. Bottom line, everyone should be thanking Amir for wooing this white female and getting her to send him special pictures (which he has so kindly provided above).

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Omegle Videos

Recently a few people have emailed me asking if I would post some videos. You can record videos on omegle using screen recording software like Camtasia, but a variety of free recording software exists for download on the internet. Omegle videos could be interesting, I figured, so I went to the archives to find an assortment for your viewing pleasure. Attached below you can find videos of conversations between two random strangers, similar to Chatroulette, as many people have now began using Omegle’s videochat feature. I can’t imagine the implications of this behavior from a privacy standpoint. But, without further ado:

Dancing like this could very well be considered illegal in India, so tread carefully all omegle chatters!

Bored Omegle girl on video… annoying accent, but she pretty much lays out exactly what this whole scene is all about:

This movie, “65 strangers head bopping to What is Love for YouTube,” has to be my favorite. Any of you out there in digital world seen the movie A Night at the Roxberry? Great movie.

Post your favorite videos from the service in the comments below.

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Omegle Girls

Omegle girls are an interesting lot… that’s for sure. What is surprising is that a large portion of girls go on omegle and, *gasp*, PRETEND TO BE GUYS. Think about the psychological implications of such behavior. It’s interesting to note that our society is still so Puritanically-oriented when it comes to sexuality, yet we don’t think twice about dropping billions of dollars of bombs all over the world. Anyways, I got a flood of emails asking me to post some pictures up here, so here is a small collection courtesy of Samut in India. Enjoy!

omegle girl

omegle girls

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omegle hot

adult omegle

omegle pics

omegle videos

omegle girls

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