Die Justin Bieber

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hello, i’m Justin Bieber.
Stranger: Promptly die, then.
You: alright, thank you
Stranger: *nods* glad to be of service
Stranger: Oh, and all your little lemming beiblettes can go with you.
Stranger: :D
You: okay will do
You: how would you like us do die
Stranger: Well, they could cut you open, tie your entrails around a tree and then chase you and your fans, one by one around that tree with a torch until you all disembowel yourselves.
You: thats discusting
Stranger: I’d disagree, but you’re Justin Bieber, you know all about disgusting
Stranger: your career is
Stranger: your “music” is
Stranger: your life is.
Stranger: your fans are.
You: oh yes true
Stranger: Bullets maybe?
You: that sounds more pleasant
Stranger: Not so much cost effective but hey, it’s still effective in the long-run
Stranger: Well, Mr. Bieber, in my honest opinion, quicjk and painless isn’t a death you deserve
Stranger: because I’ve had to die 4834329 times over
You: really?
Stranger: listening to that crap you call music
Stranger: it’s not quick or painless
Stranger: it’s quite the opposite
You: im sorry you feel that way
Stranger: I love all you 4chan trollerz
Stranger: But I hate you Justin Bieber.
Stranger: you should have signed with a label after your balls dropped.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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