Doc can’t save me on Omegle.

Stranger: I’m a medical student that will drive an Aston Martin when he’s a doctor:)
Stranger: you?
You: You arrogant bastard.
Stranger: Thanks, i’m proud of it.
Stranger: What about u?
Stranger: Next to that: i worked hard for it
You: Yeah, no doubt because you were pushed into it. You were pushed hard for it.
Stranger: No, it’s my dream to help people. In fact i don’t give a duck about the money. The specialisation i will choose doesn’t pay that well.
You: Now put all your success down to your own efforts and discredit your parents who instilled in you a driven, diligent nature and nurtured your creativity. Double bastard.
Stranger: Listen guy, i’m the one that helps you when you get a hearth attack. I’m the one that saves you from your car wreck when you had a severe road accident. I’m the one that risks his own life to save you. People die in my helicopter every day because help came too late. Do you think i give a damn about the money or being rich?
Stranger: I feel rich when my patients survive.
You have disconnected.

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