don’t **** with voldemort.

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Stranger: I’M A DEMENTOR!!!
You: well i’m voldemort
You: bow down, bitch.
Stranger: Best response ever.
Stranger: Thanks for that.
You: lmao!
Stranger: Heck.
Stranger: I’ve always wanted to be a dementor.
You: i always wanted to kill that bastard potter, haven’t gotten round to it yet though.
You: atleast you have aspirations.
Stranger: yeah. He’s not really popular in the Dementor community either.
You: slimey little f’er he is!
Stranger: Haha. I just imagined an actual dementor community.
Stranger: With like, a 50′s family in demenotr capes.
You: you should hear what we say about him in the death eater changing rooms!
You: how he’d blush
Stranger: Is it awkward in death eater changing rooms?
You: nah, we’re close.
You: had a few bonding sesh’s with ‘em over some butter beer and we’re set for lifee
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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