Down with the mythicals

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: fhdsagjljfdnffcfhdsaom
You: shit sorry
You: there was an elf on my keyboard
Stranger: I hate it when that happens
You: me too
You: i keep trying to get an exterminator out here but they cant fix the infestation
You: kjghlkfnfjkkldthdfjal;kmjdtlahgklfgl.hfd
Stranger: They breed like rats
Stranger: I hear garlic works.
You: really?
Stranger: Oh wait. That’s vampires.
Stranger: The sparkling confused me.
You: ive tried sugar, fake letters from santa, everthing
You: nothing is working
Stranger: Maybe you can turn it into a good thing
Stranger: Cheap labour?
You: they cant clean, ive tried
You: but maybe, just maybe, i can finally open up the toy shop ive always dreamed of
Stranger: That’d be perfect.
Stranger: Do they have a good work ethic?
You: ehh its ggod, just a few of them are thinkin about a union
You: gotta crush that idea
Stranger: String a few up, keep the rest in order
You: that is a great idea
You: i just hope the oompa loompas dont get ivolved
Stranger: Oh dear. You’d be done then.
Stranger: You might just have to move and leave the house to the elves.
You: ya but i have such a great area
You: cheap cost of living
You: and im close to school and a lake front
Stranger: Oh dear. Do you have to deal with the lake kelpies too?
You: the kelpies are usually quiet this time of year
Stranger: Once, I had a fish pond, and the loch ness monster came in and ate the trout I put in it!
You: ohh no
You: trout nonetheless
You: if it was tuna then it wouldn’t be that bad, but trout?!
Stranger: Trout costs money.
Stranger: Specially since they don’t keep very well in ponds.
You: ya and in this economy you can’t keep wasting the money on replacements
You: i just wish that the mythical creatures would understand
Stranger: They always think they’re above the law
Stranger: Just cause they’re magical
Stranger: We should teach them who’s boss
You: we should
You: the police dont help
You: those mythicals are the first to yell descrimiation
Stranger: Ah, see, the police are run by the werewolves and big foot!
You: a conspiracy in the midst!
Stranger: You wouldn’t believe what Obama actually is!
You: what!
Stranger: White.
You: OMG!
You: i never would of known
Stranger: He hides it well
You: he is a great pretender
You: he’s probably helping the mythicals
You: damn him
Stranger: The whole system man. They’re all mythicals
You: we gotta fight this
You: for humanity and my awesome real estate
Stranger: I can see it
Stranger: Calling out my warcall
Stranger: “For this dude’s awesome real estate!”
You: ya that would be great, but im a chick
You: but other than that, great slogan
Stranger: Chicks can be dudes. Cause dudette just doesn’t sound as cool.
You: good point
You: i am mistaken
Stranger: It’s alright.
Stranger: Happens to me alot too.
Stranger: Tell your friends, tell your family
Stranger: Let the word spread.
Stranger: “Down with the Mythicals”
Stranger: “For the Real Estate”
You: the mythicals will be brought to justice!
You: you are a revolutionary
You: your plight will be in history books!
Stranger: As long as we win.
You: ehh that is true unless the mythicals overrun and they flaunt their victory
You: then your plight will be mocked in future generations
Stranger: Oh yes.
Stranger: They’d paint me as a Bendict Arnold, or a Hitler
Stranger: And we can’t let that happen.
Stranger: Cause I’m a dude. With a couch. And you don’t mess with dudes on couches
You: it is true a dude with a couch is a warrior to trifled with
Stranger: Indeed
Stranger: Especially if they have pizza.
You: pizza and unlimired access to X-Box live
Stranger: Oh yes.
Stranger: That dude can do anything
You: those mythicals wont even now what hit them
Stranger: One day, I’ll just take my medecine, and they’ll all be gone. BUT NOT TILL I’VE WON!
Stranger: Hazzah!
You: a champion has been decided
Stranger: It’s begun.
Stranger: I’m pumped.
You: bring it on unicorns!!
Stranger: Vampires, you really wanna mess with me?
You: no ghouls, you will beg for mercy!
Stranger: Dragons? The only thing you’ll be roasting are marshmellows when I’m done with you.
You: Keep on beggin Leprechauns, your days of luck are ova!
Stranger: My dear lady, you are my hero.
You: well thank you sir
You: it was an honor
Stranger: It’s been a pleasure to serve with you.
You: as you
You: may our revelution continue
Stranger: The resistance lives! Adieu
You: ciao
You have disconnected.

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  1. #1 by Janice - April 10th, 2010 at 17:32

    never have I seen an omegle chat so brilliant XD

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  2. #2 by Joseph - May 7th, 2010 at 22:38

    wow, lol thats kick ass

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  3. #3 by chelsea - June 29th, 2010 at 14:04

    haha! I had no idea that this would get so many votes!

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  4. #4 by florence - July 22nd, 2010 at 11:04

    cool! lol destined

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