Emo pokemon

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Hey
Stranger: hey
You: don’t you feel that life is so painful?
You: and dark
You: like, my soul
Stranger: well life is pretty rough sometimes, but there are moments in life that just put the bad out of your mind and make you smile
You: No
You: there arent
You: everything is pain
You: it’s all pain
You: I like to taste my own blood
You: I just like, totally cut my arm all over
You: with a razor
You: because
You: it makes me feel alive
Stranger: why
You: Because it hurts
You: like my life
Stranger: so i quess you have had a rough life
You: if my life is so emotionally painful, why shouldn’t it be physically?
You: Yeah
You: Yeah
Stranger: tellme about it
You: Well, it all started when I was about 5
You: My father came home drunk
You: and went to bed
You: and he never woke up
You: until next morning
You: and when he did he left
You: forever
You: and then
You: when I was 10
You: I went into a foster home
You: a few years after I was sent to live with my auntie and uncle in bel air
You: and after that,
You: I figured out
You: I couldn’t do
You: what I wanted to be best at
You: I just couldn’t do
You: what wanted to doo best
Stranger: what was that
You: Well you see my whole life I wanted to be the best ya know? Like noone EVER was
You: To catch them is my real test

You: To train them is my cause
You: I will travel
You: far and wide
You: and teach each pokemon
You: the beauty thats inside
You: Gotta catch em’ all!
You: GOTTA CATCH EM’ ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You: Pokemon,
You: it’s you and me
You: I know it’s my destiny
You: Oohh, you’re my best friend
You: In a world we must defend
You: Our hearts so TRUE!
You: Our courage will pull us through
Stranger: ur pathetic
You: Yeah
You: :-D
You: So….
You: is this like,
You: where you disconnect?
You: or
You: insult me some more?
You: or give me some speech about how I am “A desperate freak” who has no life?
You: lol
Stranger: well i just was really starting to think you were actually going to have a intelligent converstation with me, but then you did that, which is basically insulting me!!!! and does this give you any satisfaction at all
You: Ahhh
You: lmfao
You have disconnected.

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