You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: evil bubble
You: coming to get u
Stranger: f*ck you and the evil bubble
You: f*ck no
You: why the f*ckshould i f*ck myself and the evil bubble
You: huh
Stranger: Cause the evil bubble f*ckin sucks
You: it f*cking doesnt
You: ok
You: f*cker
Stranger: No not ok dickhead
You: fine f*ckface
You: be lame
Stranger: What’s up?
You: nm you?
Stranger: Not much
You: cool..
Stranger: Just chillin
You: yah same
Stranger: Dude f*ck you and that evil bubble what the f*ck
You: why the f*ck are you attacking the evil bubble!?>?! let it f*cking be man
Stranger: No I f*ckin hate the evil bubble
You: why the f*ck do you hate the f*cking evil bubble?!?!
Stranger: Cause it’s f*ckin evil
You: thats what makes it f*cking awesome
Stranger: No the bubble makes it f*ckin awesom the evil makes it gay
You: it does not!! what the f*ck is wrong with you man????? evil bubbles are the shit
Stranger: No f*ck that
You: f*ck you
Stranger: f*ck you nice talking
Stranger: Pce
You: yeah
You: bye

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