Fail Troll

You: hi
Stranger: Hey
You: So, then, how’s things
Stranger: stressful…
Stranger: my friend got me pregnant a few weeks ago…
You: Well, that’s pretty heavy stuff, however what are you doing on omegle? You should be spending quality time with your friend!
Stranger: It’s 2AM and she’s at home asleep
You: Is this supposed to be the funny part?
Stranger: Yes =P
Stranger: She poked me
Stranger: and poking leads to pregnancy
You: The funnier chats are the ones where you string them along…the whole way
You: not within four lines
You: reveal your bluff
Stranger: sorry…
Stranger: I just did?
You: Yes
You: Well, pregnancy…she made me…I’m not three regretfully, it may work on them
Stranger: I fail =\
You: Very much so!
You: Watch
You: goodbye
Stranger: ja
You have disconnected.

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