FORD T rim jobs

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You: do you like clam chowda?
Stranger: yeah i also like to stick my tongue in old men’s behinds.
You: mmm………
You: i love rim jobs on good old ford T models…
Stranger: how curious. tell me more.
You: well you see young chap, when i was little
You: i was one of many to see the first ever car created
You: the FORD T model in 1908
You: the rims were soo beautiful and eye gouging
You: henry ford was a very masculin man
You: he was gay of course
You: one day i just had to meet him
You: so i snuck into his office one day, so i can be appart of him
You: and what did he do?
You: took off his pants
You: and explained to me what a rim job was
You: and how to start his engine
Stranger: XD
You: if you know what i mean
You: years have passed, he then died in 1947
Stranger: i approve of your trolling, continue.
You: trolling? young lad i be no trolling
You: in 1947 he wrote a will
You: before he died, he put me in it to be a slave to the ford family till death comes for me
You: he had many children, and brothers and sisters too of course,
Stranger: sex slave?
You: so in todays terms, i was a walking private booty call
Stranger: do they still require your.. ahem.. services?
You: no, they did not strap me in a black leather suite with a choke ball, i’m not into that pulp fiction stuff
Stranger: oic
You: oh yes, henries brother is still alive
Stranger: no ball and chain in the dungeon?
You: he’s soon to be 120
You: no
You: but not many people know of his existence
Stranger: that’s boring =(
You: instead what i like to be done to me
You: i love taking a bath diesel fuel
You: because you need no spark plugs in a car for it to combust
You: just under pure pressure it works
You: so henries uncle’s servers bath me in that
You: and light me on fire
Stranger: it’s good for the skin, i hear
You: and i scream his name with glory
Stranger: gets all the germs out
You: i survived all 15 pyro’s
You: tomorrow his daughter asks for me
Stranger: but there was just something exciting about it though… ?
You: to be burnt?
Stranger: yes
You: oh yes, i am pleasing the family tree
You: and for my own personal pleasure
You: I sometimes like to get whipped with engine belts
You: or stick my finger in a cars serpentine while it’s running
Stranger: XD
Stranger: good/b/ye
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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