Forgotten Love

Stranger: hey you
You: hi
Stranger: omg!
You: what?
Stranger: i havent talked to you in years ive missed you
Stranger: its so nice to talk to you again
Stranger: :)
You: thanks, bob
You: or is it joe
You: *cries* i forget
You: im so sorry!
Stranger: imma girl its lilly
Stranger: !
You: oh!
Stranger: you forgot!!!!!!!
Stranger: your so meen
You: im so sorry! i just couldn’t tell the difference!
Stranger: all the times weve been threw!
You: we fought in the nam war together
You: how could i forget!?!?!?
Stranger: yeah!
Stranger: i meen seriously
Stranger: man!
You: im such a rude person
You: go ahead, shoot me
Stranger: NO
You: i don’t care anymore
You: !
Stranger: i… i couldnt
Stranger: i love you!!!!!!
You: im sorry… but… but you have to!
You: its your only hope
Stranger: but baby dont leave me
You: ok
You: i’ll stay
Stranger: thank you
Stranger: my love
You: but you’ll have to forgive me for forgetting that your name was lilly… or that you weren’t a man!
Stranger: its alright my love i forgive you
You: thank you
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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  1. #1 by eli - October 17th, 2010 at 09:49

    this is good

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