You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: im a girl lookin for a good convo with another girl

Stranger: yayyyy! (:

You: are u a girl?

Stranger: No..? Haha yeah

You: im just tired of these dicks

Stranger: Haha FORREAL!

You: guys just assume i want to sext them when i kno theyre ugly

Stranger: hell yahh! I had one a few mins ago that I talked to for like an hour and then he said… ya horny? Like wtf dude?

You: i kno!!! all they want is nasty shit im not in to, u ever met a decent guy on here?

Stranger: Yeah a couple times but they all live way out haha, no reason to even try /:

You: yeah i kno wat u mean, u ever vid chat?

Stranger: yeah, skype(:

You: i mean on omegle because ive heard nasty things about it

You: this is my first nite on here

Stranger: Oh there’s some nasty shit! Men will jack themselves off on camera! That’s fucking gross!

You: i dont understand that at all

Stranger: I mean I’ve met guys and we’ve talked for hours and we might talk dirty and show eachother things but they were actually cool not total dicks!

You: lol my friend told me she got hit on by another girl, doesnt seem like the site for lesbians haha

Stranger: Bahahaaa! That’s funny! What’s your name?

You: trisha

You: urs?

Stranger: My names blake and I’m a guy, were not all total dicks.. some of us know how to have a conversation. And those guys who do show their dicks. That’s gross as fuck

You: hahahahahha my name is david

You: hahahahahahahahahahaha

Stranger: Hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhaha

Stranger: hahahahahaahahhahahahaha

Stranger: Dude what’s up?

You: we just had a convo as girls lmao

Stranger: Hahahaha were pretty damn good at it!

You: dude u totally had me fooled

Stranger: Same here hahaha! Haha so I’m 17 and live in south carolina haha

You: im nxt to u in TN and im 18

You: is it weird that i was about to hit on u lol

Stranger: That’s funny as hell dude, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah no shit?!

You: yeah dude this is the funniest thing i have ever been apart of by far lol

Stranger: Hahahahaha, I saw it and was like this is too easy! Hahahaha

You: im gonna share this convo with the world lol

Stranger: How? Hahahaha and go for it!

You: facebook and blogs man, but im gettin off

You: peace

Stranger: Aight man later!

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