Getting Real

Connecting to server…
You\’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: You see to the NORTH a gaping entrance to a CAVE. To the SOUTH is a shady FOREST. What do you do?

Stranger: hi

Stranger: I shit in the cave and then piss in the forest of course

You: You SHIT in the CAVE, then PISS in the FOREST. A BEAR emerges from the cave, looking ENRAGED. What do you do?

Stranger: Grab him by the balls , knock him down , slit his throat and then slice him, skin, him, and eat him

You: You attempt to GRAB the BEAR by the BALLS. The ENRAGED BEAR throws you against the cave wall. You are temporarily STUNNED. You are severely maimed by the BEAR. Your ANKLE is SPRAINED. What do you do?

Stranger: I kick the bear with my good leg.. I shove my foot up his ass and leave him stunned,. I then take my foot out from his ass and wipe his shit on the wall of the cave

You: You KICK the BEAR. The BEAR bites off your FOOT. What do you do?

Stranger: Nothing becuase the bear would not bite off my foot.. The bear doesnt like the taste of his own shit so he doesnt bite off my foot.. get real..

You: You attempt to GET REAL. You FAIL. What do you do?

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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