Good Day

Stranger: Woo!
You: Greetings and salutations!
Stranger: Why, thank you, kind stranger!
You: You are quite welcome, friendly stranger.
Stranger: Yes.
You: May I ask the region from which you hail?
Stranger: The formal state of Colorado in the US of A.
You: Most excelent
Stranger: Most specifically in the city and county of Denver.
You: I myself write to you from the City of Corvallis, located within Linn/Benton county in the State of Oregon
You: United States of America
Stranger: I see quite clearly.
Stranger: How goes it in Oregon?
You: It goes quite well
You: We have actually had some pretty nice weather lately
You: It’s been most enjoyable
Stranger: Great happiness!
You: How are things in Colorado?
Stranger: Not bad.
Stranger: The weather was lovely today, but we got over a foot of snow this weekend’s past.
Stranger: It’s all melted now, but it was a bit dreary while it lasted.
You: I can see how that may be so
Stranger: Yes, quite.
You: Other than conversing with psuedo-random individuals on this series of electronic tubes, what occupation do you pursue?
Stranger: I am in the process of creating a proposal of a company logo in the Adobe Illustrator program.
You: Impressive
Stranger: (Obviously I’m a bit uninspired at the moment, as my attention is elsewhere…)
You: As I was about to point out, it would require astute multitasking skills to both converse with me and express your creative talents in the form of an electronic vector illustration.
You: Simultaneously.
Stranger: Well, now-a-days, artistic expressions via electronic vector illustrations are not too difficult to produce.
Stranger: Unless one seeks to create greatness.
You: Don’t be so modest, I am sure there is some skill involved.
Stranger: Which, normally, I do, however this client is a cuntface.
You: I understand your amusing figure of speech – I have dealt with my fair share of “cuntface” clients.
Stranger: Oh dear, the time has come that I must now make it appear that I am actually doing something worthwhile.
You: Good luck with that endeavor.
Stranger: I fare thee well, kind stranger!

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