Greetings from the World of Tommorrow!

Connecting to server…
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: “asl” is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
You: Hi
Stranger: Hello Cowboy ;)
Stranger: or.. girl.
You: Hey, Cowgirl
Stranger: So, where are you from? :D
You: The future
Stranger: .. Are there.. Flying cars?
You: Cars are obsolete
You: We all have rocket boots
Stranger: Ooh.
Stranger: AWESOME
Stranger: Is there.. Pie?
You: yup
Stranger: Hmm.. How about cake? Nowaday the cake is a lie, but how about the future?
You: Ah yes, for the longest time cake was a lie, but it\’s real nowadays
You: There’s a religion built around it
Stranger: Great stuff..
You: “Still Alive” is one of the oldest and most traditional Cakeology hymns
Stranger: Great!
Stranger: Wait.. Did you future guys resurrect Billy Mays?
You: resurrect him? he’s our President!
Stranger: YESS
Stranger: wooo
You: There was no need to be there now that democracy is in control
Stranger: :D
Stranger: So.. What’s Iraq about nowadays?.. I guess the fuck was blown out of it before, but what did it become?
You: Well, we all decided to work together as a planet after the War Against Jupiter, and today Iraq, like everywhere else, is living in first world conditions
Stranger: Beautiful.
Stranger: What happened to Mr T. and David Hasselhoff?
You: David Hasselhoff now appears in Burger King commercials, demonstrating how to eat burgers when drunk
You: Mr. T currently is the Governer of South Dakota
Stranger: woohoo
Stranger: Woah, the future sounds great..
Stranger: There must be some bad things about it tho?
You: Well, the aforementioned war with the telepathic squid men from Jupiter certainly didn’t help the environment…
Stranger: ooh..
You: Luckily, Al Gore built a giant Mech suit that breaths in carbon dioxide and exhales perfect atmosphere
Stranger: Ooh
Stranger: Damn, this is good stuff!
Stranger: Also, what happened to Hugh Heffner?
You: He attempted to have sex while skydiving and…
You: well…
Stranger: it didnt work out?
You: No, it worked out fine. But the girl he sky-banged had herpes
Stranger: Ah
You: ya…
Stranger: Wait, what year are you living in?
You: After the zombie apocalypse, we lost track of the original calender system
You: We’re currently living in 37 A.Z.
Stranger: After Zombie?
You: yes
You: Yes, he’s ow our Secretary of Defense
You: *now
Stranger: How about Louis? :o
You: He runs a pharmacy somewhere in New Hampshire
Stranger: Ooh, with those happy pills.
You: Now that the zombies are mostly gone, we don’t have to be worried about them so much
Stranger: You did keep some boomers tho, right? They are awesome.
You: And besides, the radioactive mutants have picked most of them off
Stranger: yay
You: Ya, the Boomers were kept alive, and now work in McDonald’s Chains
Stranger: Great stuff :D
Stranger: McBarf ftw.
You: They’ve been added to the line-up of children’s McDonalds characters
Stranger: Damn, now I want a happy meal.
Stranger: Anyways
Stranger: it’s been great talking to you
Stranger: Oh, by the wa
Stranger: way*
You: yes?
Stranger: Did we ever catch Osama?
You: Yup
Stranger: Where was he? :o\
You: He was in Hawaii
Stranger: Did he have one of them hula skirts?
You: no, but he did have one of those flowery Hawaiian shirts
Stranger: Great :D
Stranger: Well
Stranger: Good luck out there, running around happily with the radioactive mutants
You: He’d abandoned his Terrorist ways when he discovered weed
Stranger: Ooh, new hippie age? :D
You: no, Hippies are extinct.
Stranger: Aww
You: They became kind of pointless when marijuana was legalized
You: and it’s use was made mandatory by law
Stranger: Well, stuff sounds great, I hope I survive the Zombie Apocalypse..
You: Well, what’s your name? I might know you
Stranger: Samuel L. Jackson
You: …My God… Emperor Jackson!
Stranger: :D
You: Is it really you?
Stranger: Guess so :)
You: Oh don’t worry, you’re the one who punched every single zombie in North America to death
Stranger: Did they look like a bitch?
You: You certainly thought they did
Stranger: I guess I tried to fuck ‘em like a bitch.
Stranger: Well, thanks for the heads-up, kind sir
You: Oh by the way, before I go…
You: At the next Superbowl, bet on Christian Bale
Stranger: Ooh
You: he jumped onto the field and won it single-handedly
Stranger: yesss
You: Oops, a mutant’s breached the perimeter force field. gotta go
Stranger: Know what? Come byy office, I’ll make you head of Aperture Science Lab, and give you a companion cube.
Stranger: by my*
You: See you later, sir.
Stranger: I guess we will meet again.
Stranger: May the Cake be with you
You: And I would recommend keeping an eye on for the next few days
You: And may the Cake also be with you
Stranger: :)
You have disconnected.

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  1. #1 by Kylianvb - August 25th, 2009 at 00:33

    So you did post it! Good times, kind sir!

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  2. #2 by Samuel - August 25th, 2009 at 10:30

    Indeed I did.

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