Halo is a pretty cool guy

You: whos your favourite game character
You: mines halo
You: hes a cool guy, eh kills aleins and doesnt afraid of anything
Stranger: lol halo isnt a character
You: yeah he has the helmet
You: the main one
Stranger: halo is the game
You: he is who you play as lol
Stranger: master cheif is who your talking about
You: no hes the black soldier
You: halo is the main character
Stranger: are you fzcking retarded?
You: why you angry
Stranger: im not
Stranger: im just wondering
You: i just ask your favourite character..
You: and mine is halo so…
Stranger: yeah and your fzcking retarded for thinking halo is a character
You: he is
Stranger: look it up dumb ass
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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