harry potthead

Stranger: hello
You: ello
Stranger: are you a centuar named Maureece?
You: i am a ninja named thomas
Stranger: well hello there thomas
You: from the kk klan of eastern nasaki
Stranger: i am a pirate mermaid named Coral
Stranger: O.O Your racist? thats HORRIBLE
You: i am actually a mailman in michigan
You: in 36
You: i havee no wife and no kids
Stranger: oh thats so sad for you
You: all that is a complete lie
You: im 15 in california
You: male
Stranger: O.o make up your mind
Stranger: and i was lying too. I am a 15 year old witch
You: ?
Stranger: I’m currently at Hogwarts, which to stop confusion is actually in Scotland not England
Stranger: and oh yeaaaahhh i hate mailmen
You: facebook me
You: *name removed because i dont like strangers*
You: the picture is a giraffe i drew
Stranger: i do not know of this facebook of which you speak…
You: i see
Stranger: I have a wizbook account… is facebook like the muggle equivelant?
You: i like
You: too
Stranger: your not some death eater trying to catch me being a blood traitor and talking to muggles are you? *stares at suspiciously*
You: no
Stranger: Ok :) just making sure… my parents would kill me
You: im a 14 year old kid
Stranger: oh dear you’re not a muggle are you? *is now a little worried*
You: no
You: im a giraffe
Stranger: O.o you’re a giraffe who knows how to use a computer?
You: yesssh
Stranger: Wow that must be hard considering you don’t have fingers on your hooves
Stranger: My Mum always told me animals were smart though, so im not surprised you figured out the complex art of using a computer…
Stranger: Are you suuuurrree you’re not a muggle?
Stranger: you are not answering, silence is a sign of lying. You ARE a muggle ARENT you?
You: im here
You: ‘i was using the restroom
You: *peeing*
Stranger: O.O too much info
You: sorry
Stranger: hmm… was i supposed to be somewhere right now? *ponders* nope no class right now and dinner’s still a couple hours off
Stranger: so what’s up?
You: i hav baseball practice at 3:00 pm pacific standard time
Stranger: interesting… wait… whats baseball? Is that like Quidditch?
You: no…………………………………….

Stranger: O.o you do realize that that was alot of nothing that took up tons of the computer screen right?
You: Stranger is typing…
You: yesssh
You: Stranger is typing…
Stranger: why do you keep typing that the stranger is typing
Stranger: thats annoying… Are you SURE your not a muggle? Only muggles are that annoying…
You: hi
Stranger: hello
Stranger: didnt we already say hello awhile back there?
You: yes but
You: i like to say it periodicly
You: hold please im bidding on a jasper xbox\
Stranger: >.>
Stranger: right….
Stranger: ta ta for now

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