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You: hey harry
You: how u been man
Stranger: hey christina
Stranger: long time no see
You: aye sure is darling
Stranger: still single? =/
You: yeah, well i had a man, but it turned out he used to be a woman
You: so i had to get rid of him
Stranger: oh ok…thats crazy
You: how about you, still with rachel?
Stranger: ahh dont ask
You: oh
You: sorry
Stranger: you know peter dont you? well…you know…him and her…
You: i didnt realise it went that way
You: oh yeah peter
You: wat an ass
Stranger: she cheated on me like a cheap slut
You: i cant beleive she would go for peter instead of you
Stranger: yeah hes a retarded loser….
You: yeah, heard he had his way with a toaster once
You: but how about we hook up
You: for old times sake
Stranger: you know…you were always attractive for me…
You: really
You: *blushes*
Stranger: your lovely lips your wonderful face your gorgeous body
Stranger: mmh
You: oh harry
You: stop
You: u making me blush
Stranger: well christina its only the truth
Stranger: look at yourself…
You: hehehe
You: if im honest…i always liked you too
Stranger: :)
You: i even dreamed once that you let me see your cock
Stranger: i can tell you its even greater than in your dreams :P
You: i cannot imagine that…it was just so…soo…oh just thinking about it is making me wet
Stranger: oh yeah just let it happen
You: i must not, it is wrong
Stranger: but why?
Stranger: were both single
Stranger: theres nothing wrong with having fun
You: yes,,,i guess not
You: r u sure u want to
Stranger: of course i am
You: ok
You: well
You: my homones are through the roof now
You: so i cant hold back
Stranger: :) what are you wearing atm?
You: well, i was wearing my jeans, you no the ones…but they got wet, so i took them off
You: and a nice tight tank top
Stranger: haha so nothing covering the lower part of your body anymore?
You: well…i am still wearing my socks
You: but i think i will take them off
You: im getting hot
Stranger: me too baby me too
You: how the penis situation
Stranger: its harder than any rock in the world
You: oh
You: sounds…tasty
Stranger: youd love to explore it dont you :P
You: i do…so badly
You: just to stick it into my tight wet pussy
Stranger: mmh yeah
Stranger: how many fingers you got in your pussy?:P
You: 2
You: and katies tongue
Stranger: mmh
Stranger: really tight huh
Stranger: dont be afraid to moan :P
You: ok
You: ooooooohhhh
You: hhhhhmmmmmm
You: oh, i want u so bad
Stranger: i want to fuck u so bad
Stranger: mmh
You: ooooo
You: oo…oo…oo…..aaaaaaahhhhh
Stranger: move faster and deeper
You: so deep
Stranger: thats so hot
You: im taking this top off
Stranger: yeah you dont need it
Stranger: for sure not
You: oh my boobs, it feels good to hav them free
Stranger: youre nipples are really hard arent they
You: yeah, and i just cant stop touching them
You: and squeezing my big juicy boobs together
Stranger: mmmh
You: ok
You: i hav had enough
You: i am going to work now
You: i hav to get my nurses uniform
Stranger: haha
Stranger: you like to play doctor :P
You: i do
You: please examine me
Stranger: hm hm
Stranger: with what i can see right now everything seems alright
Stranger: but to be sure i also need to examine you inside if you understand what i mean
You: ok doc
You: just let me bend over
Stranger: mmh yeah
Stranger: well my fingers feel that everythings alright…youre really wet but thats okay :P
You: wet mean healthy doesnt it
Stranger: oh yeah it does…
Stranger: everything still feels alright?
You: good
You: can u check my throat
You: with ur dick
Stranger: oh sure its something that needs to be done
Stranger: dont forget to suck it really hard
You: ok
You: hhhhmmmmmmmm
Stranger: yeeeah….feels really good…ahhh
You: i love the pulsing of ur dick in my mouth
Stranger: i love the feeling of having it so far inside you
You: ok harry
You: well i think that is enough
You: thnx
You: i had fun
Stranger: haha christina allright :P
Stranger: me too
You: we will hav to do this again some time
Stranger: oh yeah
You: i will bring the cuffs
You: u bring the oil
You: k?
Stranger: for sure baby
Stranger: :)
Stranger: you like it experimental dont you
You: indeed hiney
You: it is the best way
You: *honey
You: i best be off
You: i have to go to the dole office…get my money
You: ttyl harry
Stranger: byebye… ilikestrawberries@gmx.de if u wanna write me :P
You: thnx
You: well bye

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