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You: hey

Stranger: hello

You: asl

Stranger: wassup

Stranger: 19 f

You: 14 f

Stranger: okie

Stranger: rather young

Stranger: gimme a hugie

Stranger: huggie

You: Hug

You: I hugged you

Stranger: i git it

Stranger: got

You: I was bored so I went on here

Stranger: hmm

You: yeah I can’t sleep

Stranger: so wat r u wearing

You: pajama

You: z

Stranger: and?

You: wat

Stranger: on the top?

You: pajamas on the top

Stranger: oh ho

Stranger: awrite

Stranger: may i come beneath ur blanet?

Stranger: :)

You: i aint no ho and mabiey

You: it depends

Stranger: wat does it depend on

You: Stuff

You: If your really a guy then no

Stranger: nooo

Stranger: i am nt a guy

You: if your prved then no

Stranger: neither

You: if your mean then no

You: if you dont take showers regularly then no

Stranger: i do

You: and if it is cold then yes

Stranger: i just took

Stranger: itz really really biting cold

You: then yes

Stranger: :)

You: see im just careful about who I let under my

Stranger: tats sensible

You: ya guys arent allowed cause svery one I know
is a jerk

Stranger: hahaha

Stranger: :)

You: At least the ones that go to ma school

Stranger: do u want me to wear anything while i am
wid u?

You: ya

Stranger: wat least

You: wat you mean

Stranger: i don like wearing cmuch when i m under

You: I get cold easily so I want to wear alot

Stranger: i’ll make u warm in my arms :)

Stranger: ??

You: No I got cotton jammers

Stranger: okie

Stranger: come close to me

You: ok im close

Stranger: feel mah breath

You: ya

Stranger: lemme hold ur waist , little doll :)

Stranger: ooohh so chweet waist

Stranger: tiny

You: ya I work out

Stranger: lets get on wid something :)

You: like

Stranger: some really wild action

You: Like texting?

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: but b4 that something just here :)

Stranger: i aint a jerk at all..if u trust me..

Stranger: i’ll make u feel like a princess

You: Through texts

Stranger: yeah

Stranger: not via cellular phones

Stranger: just here

Stranger: ??

You: where

Stranger: here

You: I forgot

Stranger: on omegle

You: Wats omegle

You: ohhhhhhhh yeeeeeaaaahhh

You: i remember

Stranger: come beneath the blanket dear

You: Wat if it haz bedbugs

Stranger: i’ll take care of them , doll

You: You better call the exterminatr first and get his
butt out here to fix the bedbugz

Stranger: awrite they r fixed nw

Stranger: now may we hit the bed?

You: Ok is it a sleep number

Stranger: no

Stranger: it’s a sensual number

You: I can never get comfortable in those

Stranger: ok no number

Stranger: nw i m undoing ur pyjama drawstring

Stranger: i ve taken them off

Stranger: do u hv anything under that

You: Ya another pair of jammers!

Stranger: i’ll fix a bamboo in ur mom’s ass

You: why

Stranger: coz she doesnt hv jammers on

You: ya she does. shes wearen dads

Stranger: still i’ll screw her

Stranger: wid my hard 9inch penis in her mouth

Stranger: n then in her ass

Stranger: slam bang bang

You: I didn’t know u got surgery! good for u

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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