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You: harry potter, m , hogwarts
Stranger: hi
Stranger: very magic
You: yea
Stranger: asl
You: r u a muggle?
You: harry potter
You: m
You: london
Stranger: hotspurs vs manchaester city tonight
You: err…. muggle games r boring
You: try quiditch
Stranger: very funny
You: so coming to watch quidittch?
You: today 7 pm diagon valley
You: u muggles wud never understand
Stranger: but i`m not british
You: its okay….. i can invite you…. snape would kill me for allowing muggles in
You: but i can take a risk!
Stranger: i mean i`m not in u.k ,u kown?
You: where do you stay?
Stranger: china
Stranger: xi`an
Stranger: u konw?
You: i can come to pick you up by the latest firebolt
You: sorry chinese ppl remind me of cho!!
You: :(
You: so you are can’t come
Stranger: yes
Stranger: what are britsh usually do in their summer holiday?

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