hot action in the gift wrap aisle

You: pff, do people really ask you things when you say “ask a gay guy anything”?
Stranger: believe it or not the most asked questions is “are u gay?”
Stranger: ..
Stranger: i know!
Stranger: haha
You: You should have been like
You: “no”
You: “why would you think that.”
Stranger: HAHA
Stranger: lmaoo i should
Stranger: then they usually ask do you give or recieve haha
You: as in gifts amirite
You: you give birthday gifts
Stranger: oh yeah
You: with return reciepts
You: you wrap em real nice
Stranger: lmfaoo oh yes
You: with a nice bow and a card with money in it OH YEAHHHH
Stranger: all the boys want ;D
You: oh yeah totally
You: but they can only look
You: no touching until christmas.
Stranger: hahahaa oh youre killing me
You: ikr
You: only I don’t know how they’d return them
You: regifting. oh lord.
Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: well i have to do the laundry :(
You: aww man.
Stranger: farewellll
You: well, nice talkin’.
You have disconnected.

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