How High on Omegle?

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Hello there!
You: i go to harvard
Stranger: Do they not use capitalization at Harvard?
You: well i cheated my way in so im rele stupid actually
Stranger: Oh, I see.
You: i just smoke weed here screw all the hot chicks and do all kinds of other sinanagons
You: but the thng is…
You: the weed brings a ghost of my dead friend
You: thats how i got into harvard
You: he told me all the answers to every test!!
Stranger: Wait wait wait!
Stranger: Since when has weed made people hallucinate?
You: now me and my home boy are livin it up here
Stranger: You don’t go to Harvard.
Stranger: You don’t smoke weed.
Stranger: You don’t screw anyone.
Stranger: You are not a cool kid.
You: my friend just screwed the dean’s daughter
You: he hates us
You: he tries to get us kicked out
You: but he cant cuz hes a loser
You: actualy once he almost did
You: then he ate our special brownies and got so BAKED
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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