I Killed Her

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: hi
Stranger: hey
You: I killed her.
Stranger: i knew it
You: You told me too
Stranger: yeah just for shts and giggles i didnt think you actually would
You: Well, I did, and you’ll never find me
Stranger: oh well what a shame
Stranger: i hated her anyway
You: You hated your own wife?
Stranger: yeah we were only husband and wife on paper not in feelings
You: DAY-UM! And they SAY I’m a cold hearted killer.
Stranger: its so much less messy when there are no feelings involved
You: What are you going to do with the kid?
Stranger: sell it
Stranger: give it away
Stranger: dump it
Stranger: whatever i fancy at the time
You: Wow, really, I mean, if you told me eariler that you were just going to get rid of it I would have taken it off your hangs
You: *hands
Stranger: do you have a spare minute or two right now?
You: Well, the misses and I are packing to escape the cops
Stranger: well when youve escaped them if you have a mo do you mind popping the kid too?
You: Um… Can I just, keep the kid?
Stranger: urgh why would you want to keep that runt?
Stranger: but if its what you want then sure why not
You: Well, you know, every since the accident the misses and I can’t have kids, and adoption is such a tricky bussiness
Stranger: well i guess it would be a bit nicer for it to live with you and your lovely wife
Stranger: although….i may want a small fee, you know for the years i put into rearing that thing
You: Oh oh oh, you’re charging the man who just killed your wife?
Stranger: yeah pretty much. its how i roll
You: Fine, how much?
Stranger: well i did spend time and money wooing that woman to get her into bed to make him, doctors bills during pregancy, baby shit, toddler clothes, food, electricity bills to keep it warm…im thinking at least 1.5mil
You: What! It only coast you 500 Grand for my to kill her.
You: Okay okay, how about 250 Gs, and the tickets to Spamalot that I can’t use anymore because I’m running from the law because… oh, what was the reason again? Oh yeah, I killed your wife!
Stranger: throw in your marks and spencers gift vouchers as well and youve got yourself a deal
You: Well, I’m just going to kill you too after I give you all the stuff and then take it all back, so deal
Stranger: fair enough
Stranger: is this the best response youve had so far?
You: Yeah, because your the I’ve done this too.
You: Btw, way to brake character
Stranger: haha i know right but i couldnt think what else to say
You: It’s cool, I was running dry myself, but we will be famous one day! ONE DAY!
You have disconnected.

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