Two Nerds Talk About Maryland Cookies, WTF?

Stranger: Male 22 England
You: ah an english man
Stranger: yes…
You: female 20 usa
Stranger: ah an american woman
You: hahaha yes yes i am
Stranger: how are you?
You: very good actually
You: you?
Stranger: good good
Stranger: which state are you from?
Stranger: Im okay thanks…bloody tired though
You: Maryland hahaha
Stranger: Oh interesting
Stranger: I used to think Maryland cookies came from there
Stranger: a long time ago before i knew what google was
You: hahahahaha there are maryland cookies

Stranger: yes i know!
You: how come i never heard of them
Stranger: and they are spiffy!
You: hahahaha i want one
Stranger: you havent heard of them :O
Stranger: you should feel ashsmed
Stranger: *ashamed
You: marylan has no maryland cookies
You: weird and i am
Stranger: go sit in the corner and think about your embarrassement
You: im a marylander and no maryland cookies
You: how embarassing
Stranger: oh dear
Stranger: But, i cant blame you
You: it marylands fault
Stranger: You seem nice enought o forgive
Stranger: *to
You: thank you please forgive me
Stranger: apology accepted
You: thank you
Stranger: But i’ll havr to have a word with Obama
Stranger: im seeing him tomrrow
You: oh you must tell him we need maryland cookies asap
You: omg rwealy
You: *realy
Stranger: that’ll be the new agenda of the meeting…it was about climate change, but this must come first
Stranger: yes, i have a meeting with Obama, The Queena nd the Dalai Lama tomorrow
Stranger: for tea
You: it must cookies are important they make people happy and wow that is so cool!
Stranger: you dont belieev me do you?
Stranger: about the meeting…
Stranger: please tell me you’re joking
You: well i didnt vote for the guy(republican) but meeting the president is the president and well i have my doubts
You: you never know on this website
You: right?
Stranger: haha true true
Stranger: have you been to california?
You: no i have just been on the east coast sad isnt it :(
Stranger: thats not sad
Stranger: its a massive country
You: ive been to new york tho
Stranger: i dont blame you :)
You: well ya pretty big
You: your right
Stranger: Im going to California this summer! I cannot bloody wait
You: hahahahaha i want to go to california
Stranger: you can come with me
Stranger: i’ll pick you up outside that mcdonalds on the corner a week from now
You: hahaha i just met you what if im hideous
You: heyy not all americans eat mcdonalds
You: :P
Stranger: everybody eats mcdonalds!
Stranger: we do too!
Stranger: i love fillet o fish
You: bwahahahahaha i guess your right
Stranger: unbelievable
Stranger: and the new Lion bar mcflurry is stunning
You: well you know with the whole fat american seryotype
Stranger: i could marry one
Stranger: but it would melt after an hour so the sex life would be rubbish
Stranger: yeah i know
Stranger: that stereotype
You: lion bar mcflurry no idea what that is the lion part
Stranger: but is it a fact that 58% of americans are over weight
Stranger: Lion is a chocolate
You: hahahahaha i like that melt after an hour
Stranger: its English :)
You: oh sorry im american i dont understand your english lingo
Stranger: haah dont be sorry :)
You: well im not over weight
You: definatly not
You: and that much oh god?!
Stranger: haha ok :)
Stranger: neityer am i :)
Stranger: i know!
Stranger: its a lot
You: yeah over half wow we realy are fat
Stranger: but that doesnt mean obese, just overweight…so it could be most of them are only 1 stone or so over weight
Stranger: capiche?
You: stone there you go with the english lingo
Stranger: thats a weight :P
Stranger: you use punds?
Stranger: **pounds
You: oh hahaha yea
You: the only country that does
Stranger: 1 stone is 14 pounds
Stranger: silly silly country :P
You: that is actually alot woah and yes it would be much easier if we all used the same thing
You: cm, kg
You: i hate converting
Stranger: yeah we use them too
Stranger: kg
Stranger: cm
Stranger: we use them all
Stranger: we have one called skunk aswell
You: realy!?
Stranger: and poodle
You: and poodle
You: ?
Stranger: nah that was a lie
Stranger: :P
Stranger: its a good name for one though
You: well the poodles wht got me
You: skunk and poodle lol
Stranger: “doctor, i gained 12 poodles last month”
Stranger: i need to lose 3 skunks
Stranger: i one month
You: bwhahahaha i love that\
You: some much more fun than pounds and kg
Stranger: haha yep
Stranger: hey im going to go now…i really need to sleep
You: ya mee to
Stranger: and if i dont go now i’ll be here all night!
You: nice talkin to you
Stranger: nice talking to you too :)
You: hahahaha byes
Stranger: buh bye :)
You have disconnected.

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