I wish my mom named me Lady Gaga….

You: Agesexlocation?
Stranger: I want your ugly. I want your disease
You: I want your everything as long as its free
Stranger: I dance around this empty house
You: Nakee?
Stranger: Sure
You: Yay!
Stranger: Whatever you want
You: I want your love. love love love I want your love.
You: Are you a sexy beast????
If so, we have much in common. ;)
Stranger: M or f?
You: Llama.
Stranger: Alpaca
You: Imma bisexual llama, at that ;)
Stranger: K
You: Yayy.
Stranger: Haha kk
You: Where and when?
Stranger: My room right now
You: Ok, i make some great hay.
Stranger: ..
You: Do you um, have a, um….high alpaca sperm count?
Stranger: Sure do
You: Good, you will need it.
You: Llama pleased.
You: What is your alpaca name?
Stranger: P!nk
You: Omg.
You: Guess what?
Stranger: ??
You: My name is…(drum roll)
You: KE$HA!!
Stranger: …….
Stranger: Eeeeeewwwwwww omg get the FUBRA away from me
You: :O
Stranger: I want to slaughter kesha
Your conversational partner has disconnected

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