Sensitive Indian Explodes at Irish Girl on Omegle

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
Stranger: 19 m india
You: hi
You: 17/f/ireland
Stranger: hey
You: hey hey
Stranger: wzp
You: how are you today
You: not much
Stranger: kool
Stranger: hmm
Stranger: so..hw u came up here
Stranger: student?
You: I was just feeling sad
Stranger: y
You: yeah, student
You: I’ve lost a friend
Stranger: tiff wid ur bf?
Stranger: sad
Stranger: so…u lost 1 n found 1
Stranger: nt a bad deal
You: Every day I wake up I hope I’m dreaming I can’t believe this shit
Cant believe he ain’t here
You: yeah, well, he’s dead
You: he’s not just gone
You: he’s dead
Stranger: ohhhh
You: and I feel very said
Stranger: god bless him
Stranger: wat happnd?
You: he got shot in a store
Stranger: wat
Stranger: u mst b kiddn
You: Sometimes it’s just hard for a girl to wake up
Its hard to just keep going
Its like I feel empty inside without him being here
I would do anything friend, to bring him back
You: yeah
You: he got shot
You: with a gun
You: you know
Stranger: k..i ll help u…u like indian music?

You: I don’t know
You: Id give all this shit, shit the whole knot I saw his son today He look just like him He was the greatest He’ll always be the greatest I miss him big
You: you know
You: I kinda want to die
You: just to see him again
You: I need a friend so much now
Stranger: r u krazy
Stranger: i cant trust u
You: Cant wait till that day, when I see his face again
I can’t wait till that day, when I see his face again…
You: why can’t you
Stranger: it seems like ur own creation
You: Seems like yesterday we used to rock the show I laced the track, he locked the flow so far from hanging on the block for dough
You: what?!
You: you’re offending me
You: I’ve lost a friend
You: why can’t anyone believe
Stranger: sry
You: me
You: for god’s sake
You: I think I am going to disconnect
You: this is useless
Stranger: wait
Stranger: i was jst..
Stranger: lookn 4 d story
Stranger: who shot him?
You: Life ain’t always what it seem to be
Words can’t express what he means to me Even though he’s gone, we still a team Through his family, I’ll fulfill his dream In the future, can’t wait to see If he opens up the gates for me Reminisce some time, the night they took my friend
You: a guy from revolution forces
You: we have a war
You: with great britain
Stranger: wat
Stranger: we
You: common
You: man
You: ireland
Stranger: wen?
You: ireland
You: is fighting with great britain
Stranger: didnt heard ny newz
You: don’t you read news?
You: try to black it out, but it plays again when it’s real, feelings hard to conceal cant imagine all the pain I feel give anything to hear half your breath I know he is still living your life, after death
You: do you feel me?
You: I would really need someone who would ease my pain
You: can you ease my pain?
Stranger: ya
Stranger: i ll try
Stranger: but hw
Stranger: ?
You: what can you do?
Stranger: u say
You: every step I take, every move I make every single day, every time I pray Ill be missing him
You: you feel me?
You: do you understand what I feel?
Stranger: ya
Stranger: wat can i do 4 u
You: I am thinking of the day, when you went away what a life to take, what a bond to break Ill be missing him
You: I don’t know
You: do you have horses in india?
Stranger: horses…yea..y?
You: I remember when I was young… my dad gave me a horse, as a present
You: it was pretty amazing
You: I don’t know what happened
You: do you own a horse?
Stranger: no
You: well, that’s just too bad
Stranger: u on fb?
You: yes, are you?
You: let me look up you
You: what’s your name
Stranger: pratik budhraja
Stranger: u found me?
Stranger: add me
You: yeah… I don’t know if that’s a good idea
You: you see
You: my friend got shot
You: he was shot by the cops actually
Stranger: wat
Stranger: lol
You: also, he was black
Stranger: u saw m profile n went away
Stranger: n u didnt added me
Stranger: go ahead
You: he got shot because he was carrying a load of cocaine
You: I am pretty familiar with this
You: I wouldn’t want to caus eyou any trouble
Stranger: wat
Stranger: c m nt able 2 trust u
You: well, I can add you
Stranger: k
You: but I cannot prommise you won’t have troubles because of that
You: after my friend got shot
Stranger: k
Stranger: sure..add me
You: a lot of my friends on fb deleted me
Stranger: add me
Stranger: den i ll delete u
You: why would you delete me
You: are you scared?
Stranger: if u want
Stranger: no m nt scared
You: I think you are scared
Stranger: if u want
You: omg
You: ..
You: I don’t know what to say
Stranger: dnt say
Stranger: m scared
Stranger: r u krazy
Stranger: add me
Stranger: or plz
Stranger: dnt irritate me nymore
Stranger: der?
Stranger: think
You: ur racist
You: bye now
You: watch your words
Stranger: wat
Stranger: u r damn irritatn
Stranger: atleast dnt b fake
Stranger: wat u gettn
Stranger: ?
Stranger: no sense

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