“Interesting” Encounter

You: hai
Stranger: Hello?
Stranger: Hai hai
You: hello.
Stranger: Yes, indeed.
Stranger: Mhm, mhm.
You: Ha.
Stranger: Whoah!
You: So humerous!
You: Agh!
Stranger: Maybe.
Stranger: Ugh!
You: Oops!
You: Weee!
Stranger: Wanna bake pizza together?
Stranger: Wohoooo!!
You: OMG! YES!
Stranger: The let’s do it.
Stranger: Tomorrow.
You: Yes.
Stranger: I’ll come get you with my spaceship.
You: Good plan.
Stranger: Yes. My plans are usually good.
You: I can tell.
Stranger: And they are always awesome!
Stranger: But not always good.
You: Uh oh.?
Stranger: Mhm.
Stranger: Woooppiiee!!
Stranger: Na na na…
You: Woozah!
Stranger: Yoyoyoyo!
You: Inkle Pinkle!
Stranger: Twinkle, pinkle, uncle scrooge.
You: Oinky doinky doodly doo!
Stranger: YEAH!
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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