Just Moo

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: moo?
Stranger: baaaaaa
You: moo :)
Stranger: how are you moo?
You: i’m moo. moo?
Stranger: I’m not moo
You: moo not? :(
Stranger: no moo
Stranger: just baa
You: well thats just moo :(
You: sorry moo
Stranger: its pretty baa
You: very moo
You: :(
Stranger: canny baa
Stranger: which moo are you?
You: im a moo
You: :) how about moo?
Stranger: i’m a baa
You: wow :) thats just moo :)
Stranger: a young baa me though
Stranger: from an island in Europe
You: i live in the land of moo :)
You: called britmoo
Stranger: ah i see
Stranger: you live near me then
You: where abouts in britmoo do you moo?
Stranger: Newmoo
You: ah, I moo.
Stranger: and you
You: moo? :/
You: I dont undermoo
Stranger: i cant moo this anymore1
You: why moo? :’(
Stranger: its moofusing
You: thats a real moo :(
You: dont get in a MOOd
You: :)
Stranger: nuzzing
Stranger: buzzing rather
Stranger: i think we should moove on
You: hows moo at the moment?
You: but I love moo! :’(
Stranger: i’m sorry but i cant moo with moo anymore
You: but… dont moo this to me! :’(
Stranger: i’m sorry, i’m leaving moo
You: :’(
You: I’ll fucking moo you! If I cant moo you no one moo!
Stranger: don’t be so hard on moo slef
Stranger: there will be other moore open people
You: but i dont moo moore open people, I moo you :’(
Stranger: its not moo its me
You: moo off.
You have disconnected.

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