Just wait until 2012

You: Hey.
Stranger: hi]
Stranger: how r u?
You: Peachy. You?
Stranger: where r u from?
You: Earth.
Stranger: fine ,thanks
Stranger: female?
You: For the most part.
Stranger: r u E.T?
You: Drat, you caught me.
Stranger: from mars?
You: I’m totally a Martian. I know Marvin. We go way back.
Stranger: how old r u?
You: In Mars years? 75.
Stranger: so old
You: Yeah, I’ve been around a while. Watching Earth, chillin’ out eating space chipz.
Stranger: what do you think about earth?
You: It’s all right. You humans are pretty violent, but the dolphins and mice are cool.
Stranger: my son ,god bless you

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