Justin Beiber

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Heyy
Stranger: Heey
You: how are you
Stranger: I’m good just working on my new album :)
You: oh cool
Stranger: Yeh
You: haha
Stranger: :)
You: who are you
Stranger: Justin
You: haha
Stranger: What?
You: nothing
Stranger: What’s so funny what my names justin
You: nothing is funny !
You: i just laugh alot
You: ;)
Stranger: Ahk haha
Stranger: Are you a fan of Justin bieber?
You: who
Stranger: Justin bieber?
You: Whos that
Stranger: Do you live under a rock?
Stranger: How old are you?
You: im 16
Stranger: From?
You: england
Stranger: Google Justin bieber
You: lol i do knowww , im kidding about
Stranger: I was gonna say! Who doesn’t know who I am
You: well i dont believe its you
Stranger: Haha ok then. Ask me whatever to prove?
You: haha
You: i cant cause im not going to know the answer am i
You: you could just make it up
Stranger: Trust me I won’t be making anything up.
You: why should i trust you lol
Stranger: I would go on webcam, but I’m on my iPhone coming back from a little concert
You: you said you were working on your new album
Stranger: Im trying o advatise it derr so you would no I’m famous
You: lol
Stranger: Advertise*
You: do you have msn then
Stranger: Ha yeah I’m gonna give you my msn :/
You: yeah cause your so real
Stranger: Why would I won’t all these omegle girls wanting my msn, set it out for everyone too get :|
Stranger: Want*
You: yeah but like your trying to prove your real
Stranger: But I can’t give it too you, my manager will kill me
You: yeah yeah , you know i was talking to my friend yesterday who was also on here
You: and she had pretty much the same conversation with someone that we are having now
Stranger: Ha i was on yesterday
You: really
Stranger: Yes, my manager says it’s a good way to conect with my fans
You: haha
You: not really
You: and also
Stranger: Why?
You: cause its stupid cause no one believes its you
You: and anyway this person talking to my friend yesterday was claiming he was your brother or somthing
Stranger: I know I normaly go on cam
Stranger: I don’t have a brother
You: well apperently you do
Stranger: Ha
You: called jake lol
Stranger: Haha no
You: so if i now know that they are lying
You: how do i know your telling the truth
Stranger: You don’t know, you just have to belive me
You: why would i believe you ;p
Stranger: Fine don’t haha I don’t care I’m gonna disconnect now bye
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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