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Stranger: justin bieber? justin bieber?
You: thats me
Stranger: really/
Stranger: ?
You: yes
You: why?
Stranger: do u know tessa?
You: uh, not that i can remember. why?
Stranger: i am her and i love u
You: thanks for all the support. and i love all of my fans, tell all your friends you got to talk to me.
Stranger: ok
You: so how are you?
Stranger: good
Stranger: u?
You: great
Stranger: cool
You: yeahh, so are you one of those raging fans or are you just a HUGE fan?
You: hahaa
Stranger: i LOVE YOU!!!!!!!
You: well i love you too Tessa
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: :)
You: your cool
Stranger: ok
You: want my number? dont give it to ANYONE!!!
You: im serious
Stranger: yes
Stranger: ok
Stranger: is it your number?
You: yep
Stranger: ok
Stranger: could i talk 2 U?
Stranger: could i?
You: 17316078025 and yes of course
Stranger: ok
Stranger: brb
You: dont give it out,my agent will kill me
Stranger: ok
You: so where are you from again?
Stranger: texas
You: oh.
You: cool
Stranger: so u want 2 talk 2 me?
You: yep
You: sure
Stranger: ok
Stranger: i’ll call u soon so pick up
You: ok
Stranger: i’m calling
You: okay
Stranger: i cant call
You: why not?
Stranger: can u call me?
You: whats your number?
Stranger: 5124188478
Stranger: that’s my home number
You: okay my agent is going to call you
Stranger: don’t tell anyone because my parents would kill me
Stranger: can i talk 2 u?
You: why will your parents kill you?
Stranger: i’m not allowed 2 give out my number
You: oh, shit, i have to go do a photo shoot, bye tessa i will call you hun.
Stranger: promiss
You: promise
Stranger: when?
You: i will call when i get out of my photo shoot.
Stranger: how long is that?
You: like 45 minutes i have to go.
Stranger: ok
You: bye!(:
Stranger: talk later
Stranger: bye
You have disconnected.

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