king of paraguay

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label ‘Stranger:’. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.
You: CONGRATULATIONS you have been selected to be the king of paraguay
Stranger: hiStranger: asl ?
Stranger: ho thanks !!!
You: all you must do is call 911 and ask for codename *shorty*
Stranger: of course ! …
You: please hurry if you want to be king !
Stranger: ^^
You: what did they say to you ?!?
Stranger: i’m the king and you need to give me 1 billion dollars ! :D
You: HAHA my nan is queen you are now married to my nan !
Stranger: ^^ ok ! I’m waiting for the money ! Here is my bank account : 44914614848941989849841095195194905126206489012095908591490632608404980198140691650295029520901980891091
Stranger: please send the money, thanks :)
You: ok the money is being wired to you bank account now
Stranger: thanks
Stranger: seriously, who are you ^^ ?
Stranger: what’s your name ?
You: my name is morpheus and you are THE ONE
Stranger: ^^ please stop with your fun ^^
Stranger: i’m Trinity stupid man
Stranger: ^^Stranger: he’s dead
You: SH**
Stranger: superman had killed him !
Stranger: we have to found Batman and Robin !
Stranger: and Link !
You: i found the lego version is that ok ?
Stranger: mmm well … ok, we haven’t the choice
You: i shall tell them the orders
Stranger: now hit him and say to him to say us where is Superman
Stranger: (i don’t speak english very well :s sorry)
You: he says superman is in paraguay
Stranger: ho $&@
!You: as king your duty is to kick him out
Stranger: i can’t i’m dead :(
You: did you die from jumping out that building and being shot ?
Stranger: being shot
Stranger: sorry !
You: damn ok if you are dead you have been relieved of your duties as king and your money has been taken back we will have to find another suitable candidate
Stranger: AHAHAHAHAHAHAA well done !!!
Stranger: you’re funny !
You: thankyou for taking part in omegle virtual life stories i hope you have had fun !
Stranger: ho yeah !
Stranger: and see you in another life
You: bye and good luck in life !
Stranger: thx you too ! (asl ?)
Stranger: before skipping me ^^
You: oh im 18 f swedish and very horny bye now !
Stranger: are you serious ?
You have disconnected.

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