lady omegle

You: ra ra ah ah ah ro ma ro ma ma want your bad romance
Stranger: I might be able to acquiesce to your request.
You: yay
Stranger: But…
Stranger: I need more details before committing.
Stranger: Do you want my loving?
Stranger: And my revenge?
Stranger: Because if so…
Stranger: I think you and me could probably see about writing some kind of bad romance.
You: i want your horror
You: cause you’re a criminal as long as your mine
Stranger: Oh baby… I want your love.
Stranger: love love love
You: you know that i want you
You: you know that i need you
Stranger: I want you bad.. your bad romance
You: i’m a free bitch baby
Stranger: That’s the best kind!
You: indeed
Stranger: Honestly though
Stranger: I don’t know how to follow that up.
Stranger: where do you go with a complete stranger when you’ve already sang lady gaga with them?
You: i really don’t know
Stranger: sh*t, well, nice talking to you, stranger.
You: same here
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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