large anus

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: Where is it?
You: Whered you hide it?
Stranger: in
Stranger: my
Stranger: anus
You: woah you must have a giant anus..
Stranger: very true
You: Is it..still in there?
Stranger: yes
You: cause i kinda need it back
Stranger: well
Stranger: i have many things in my anus
Stranger: which thing is it
You: Um you the one with that thing…Why do you have so much in your anus?
You: Sounds dangerous
Stranger: good hiding place
You: hmm youre right
Stranger: so tell my friend so they can reach in and grab it
Stranger: i cant reach far enough in with my arm
You: Im sure you can reach if your anus is as large as you say it is..
Stranger: my arm cant bend the right way
Stranger: tell my friend or you wont be getting it back
You: Alright alright i will
You: Just one thing first
Stranger: k
You: If a persons anus is larger than normal does that mean they can poop themselves when they sneeze?
You: just what i heard..
Stranger: they were incorrect
Stranger: nope
You: alright thank you i will take this info and cherish it for the rest of my lfie
Stranger: np
You have disconnected.

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