You: Mudkipz liek me.
Stranger: i am a mudkip.
Stranger: and i do not like you
You: That’s a lie.
Stranger: Lies are nothing.
You: Then you are nothing.
You: Your life is a lie.
Stranger: But i am not a lie
You: You are living one.
You: So.. you are living nothing.
You: So you are not living.
Stranger: No I am not, good sir.
You: So you are dead.
You: AHEM.. I’m a lady.
Stranger: AHEM.. I’m a mudkip.
Stranger: which means I am not a lie
You: AHEM NO.. You’re dead.
Stranger: AHEM..No I am not.
You: AHEM yes you are, unless yer a zombie, I don’t see how you’re even here.
Stranger: AHEM.. So if what you’re saying is correct, that I am dead because I’m a lie, does that mean the cake is also too, a lie?
You: Yes, the cake is a lie.
Stranger: So yes, I am dead?
You: You are dead and so is the cake.
Stranger: So, technically speaking, I am a zombie?
You: Technically, yes.
Stranger: Why can I not be a ghost?
You: Ghosts are too cool for you.
You: I’m also a lie, only I’m king boo. Yer just.. a zombie in mercy hospital waiting to get his head blown off.
You: Lmao at my video game references.
Stranger: lmao.
Stranger: so, does this mean I have no emotions?
Stranger: And that the “lmao” i just expressed is too, a lie?
You: Pretty much.
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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