may the fonze be with you

Stranger: Have you ever masturbated with someone of the same sex?
You: do u wish to join the church of the fonze my child?
You: nope
You: that would be a sin
You: =D
Stranger: According to who?
Stranger: The Fonz?
You: lol the almighty tv star the fonzee
Stranger: Or his Creator, Henry Winkler?
You: lol both
You: the fonzee is like jesus
You: and henry is god
You: =D
You: lol
Stranger: I bet when he masturbates, he just taps his penis, and semen just starts pouring out immediately.
Stranger: Like some kind of sexual jukebox.
Stranger: Or something.
You: lol thats where the rain comes from
You: lol
Stranger: That makes sense.
You: hahahahahaha
You: you sir are remarkable
Stranger: Those Days must be very Happy.
You: lol yessss
Stranger: I will never be forlorn with rain again.
Stranger: I shall look into the sky.
Stranger: And smile as His seed drops down upon me.
You: lol stink out your toungeee
You: stick*
You: lol
Stranger: What about acid rain though?
Stranger: WTF is up with that?
You: his diaria
Stranger: Hmmmm.
You: he eats spicy boretoss
Stranger: Actually, I’m more inclined to believe that its a urine/semen mixture.
You: hmmm could very well be
Stranger: Urine’s acidic, right?
You: yep
Stranger: Well, there you go.
Stranger: Granted, urine and semen rarely mix.
You: lol u sir are quite witty
Stranger: But the Fonz can do as He pleases.
You: lol
Stranger: He just taps it and the urethra opens wide in all directions.
You: llolllll!!!
Stranger: His diarea bust be…
Stranger: idk.
Stranger: Volcano ash?
Stranger: Hail?
You: lol possibly
You: lol
Stranger: Meteors.
Stranger: Must be meteors.
You: yes thats it meteors!!!!!!!!
Stranger: I mean, I’ve never seen him take a sh-t, right?
Stranger: So it must not happen often.
You: lol yes
You: lol he doesnt eat enough fiber
Stranger: Fock no, he ain’t old.
You: lolll
Stranger: He’s eternally young.
Stranger: No matter how many times you watch Happy Days, he NEVER ages.
Stranger: How the f*ck else do you explain that?
You: lol this has been awsome
You: lol
You: i have no ideaa
Stranger: You gotta think of these things.
Stranger: Everything’s a sign.
You: lol u expanded my mindddd
Stranger: Glad to help.
You: you sir are the most interesting person ive talked to on here
Stranger: Go say 20 HEEEEEY Mary’s and 10 Our Fonzs.
Stranger: I must depart.
You: lol!! u are awsome this is going on omgle
Stranger: May the Fonz be with you.
You: as to u sir
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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