Microsoft Support Service

You: Hello
You: Microsoft Support Service
You: How can I help you?
Stranger: hi
You: Please state your problem?
Stranger: well,i`d like juice:DDD
You: Have you tried a reboot?
Stranger: can you give me?
Stranger: please
Stranger: sorry?
You: Sir, have you tried a reboot?
Stranger: i speak english only little
You: Did you connect any new hardware?
Stranger: so…
Stranger: hardwawe????
You: What OS are you using?
Stranger: X)
You: Windows Vista?
Stranger: X)
You: XP?
Stranger: X)
Stranger: no…
Stranger: no YES
You: Is the keyboard responding?
Stranger: where are you from?
Stranger: yes
You: I cannot give that information sir.
Stranger: i`d like orangr juiceeeeeee
Stranger: IM WOMAN
You: Ah right
Stranger: girl,exactly
Stranger: not sir
You: I guess we found our problem.

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