My Shoe

You: Greetings and salutations!
Stranger: haewu
Stranger: hi!
You: What’s up?
Stranger: i lost my shoe
You: Darn =\
Stranger: you can say that
Stranger: now i walk with one shoe
Stranger: thats cold
You: How entirely unfortunate
Stranger: yes it is i know
You: Perhaps when you locate another you will be more careful with it
Stranger: maybe i will find him tomorrow
Stranger: i think i will do that yes
You: Perhaps, however personifying your shoes perhaps is not the best way to deal with your problem.
Stranger: thanks for the tip
You: No problem, happy to be of assistance
Stranger: it isnt?
You: Oh gods no
You: See now that you have established your shoes identities as individuals
Stranger: oke thanks
You: Their behavior is now subject to all manner of new rules
Stranger: i think i am going to search m though
You: M? What does she have to do with it?
Stranger: your english is too good for me
Connection imploded.

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