Neverland homemates

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You: Hi
Stranger: hey
Stranger: where you from?
You: Neverland
Stranger: no way!
Stranger: me to!
You: Are you a kid or a pirate?
Stranger: im a kid.
You: Yeah me too
You: I hate those ugly bad dressed assholes
Stranger: i know they take everything!
You: I mean, they don’t even can fly!
Stranger: i hear you and tinker bell have a thing going on?
You: Why won’t they fucking believe?
Stranger: dude i know.
You: We did, but the other kids were getting awkward about it
Stranger: awww dude thats gotta be hard. sorry to hear about that man.
You: It’s ok
You: She was way to sparkie for me anyways
Stranger: peter and i have thing going on. its on the dl.
You: I thought Peter had grown
Stranger: yeah tinks kinda a bitch.
You: And had like kids
You: She could be, sometimes
Stranger: noo that ones an impostor.
Stranger: the real peter pans with me
You: I always thought so
You: So, how’s everything going with him?
Stranger: goood. We have are up and downs when he wants to make our relationship public….that just can’t happen.
Stranger: wendy would hear about it.
You: Yeah
You: And tinker would kill you
You: She wouldn’t stop talking about him
You: That was one of the reasons why we ended up things
Stranger: i dont know what its gonna take to get it through peters head that we just can’t go public.
You: Yeah, that can’t happen
You: You should tell him about the dangerous position he would put you thrue
You: I mean, the pirates could find out, too
You: And take advantage of that you know
Stranger: I know!! and that would just be the end of everything.
You: Everything!
Stranger: It would be madness!!
Stranger: MADNESS!
You: Indeed
You: I don’t wanna be cruel or anything….
You: But, maybe he just wants to draw Wendy’s attention
Stranger: ….he would never!!
Stranger: would he?!?!?!
You: I don’t know
You: I haven’t meet him personally
Stranger: ugh..i’m gonna have to have another heart to heart with him.
You: Yes, you should
Stranger: and make him see that wendy’s and old lady now
You: Ewww
You: Maybe you should show him a picture of her
Stranger: i knoow….i should do it.
Stranger: i’ll team up with tinker bell to get a picture.
You: Sure, but be carefull
Stranger: i will be.
You: Remember that she can be a bitch sometimes
You: Well, this was fun
Stranger: i know….but i’ll have to take a chance if i want to keep him.
You: Thanks for the memories
You: Take care of your man
Stranger: You’re welcome. :)
Stranger: i will. Work things out with tinker bell.
You: Maybe I will
You: I sure miss her
You: Well, bye bye
Stranger: convince her to help me
Stranger: byee
You: I’ll try
You: If she take me back
Stranger: i’m sure she will.
You: Yeah, probably, I’m cute as a pie
Stranger: You’re silly.
Stranger: Bye Babe ;)
You: Haha
You: Bye bye
You have disconnected.
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