Nice Talk

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: im a dude

You: ……..

Stranger: and i’m not

You: Wow finnaly someoen not looking for sex

Stranger: please tell me you’re not looking for sex either.

You: if i wanted to have sex, there is no way in hell i would try to do it online

Stranger: good point

You: i try to talk to people normaly on this thing and all i get is the weird ones and the sex bots

You: its not plesant

Stranger: same…

Stranger: nice to find someone normal

You: same

You: so how was your day?

Stranger: it was pretty uneventful

Stranger: and you?

You: same, i just took my midterms today, so it was boring

Stranger: that does sound rather boring

You: but they are tests, what can you do about them haha

Stranger: exactly

Stranger: gotta do what you gotta do

You: so what kinda work do you do?

Stranger: i’m a student

You: ohh so am I. aha

You: what school?

Stranger: still in high school :P

You: Waaaaa?!? i thought you had to be at least 18

You: you are very mature for your age miss

Stranger: lol

Stranger: why thank you

You: you should try to study abroad, its one of the things i regret the most

Stranger: yeah, that’s what everyone’s been telling me so far

Stranger: i’m definitely considering it for the future

You: ya, after i transfer to the U of O in oregon for a year, im going to transfer to a college in Japan

Stranger: that sounds pretty interesting

Stranger: do you have to speak japanese to go to school in japan?

You: Hmmm thats also what i was wondering, but im learning japanese anyway so, its fine. For you i think you might have to learn enough to speak with everyone.

Stranger: haha

Stranger: maybe i’ll just go to the uk

You: haha, im afraid to go to the uk because of that movie Hostile

You: xD i know its funny

You: but i freak out over little things

Stranger: i’ve never seen it, what’s it about it?

You: its better if you dont watch it

You: haha

Stranger: haha okay, i’ll take your word for it

Stranger: i just think english accents are highly amusing

You: so true

You: they are awsome, just like Australian accents

Stranger: any accent, period, is just cool

You: haha thats the downside of living in the US, you never get to hear awsome accents, except rarely

Stranger: i know right?

Stranger: i wonder if there’s such thing as a west coast accent

You: = \ one of my new friends that i hung out with over the weekend said i had a west coast accent

You: i was really confused because i never thought i had one

Stranger: yeah same

Stranger: people always tell me that

Stranger: and i’m just like, what…

You: i guess thats why accents are funny to us, because they are so strange and unfamiliar

Stranger: exactly

You: so, ask me a question

You: any question

You: any at all, i will answer any questions

Stranger: okay

Stranger: have you seen the last harry potter movie yet?

You: ……… no

Stranger: lol okay

Stranger: now you ask me one

You: ….. are you one of those twilight zombies….(*backs away slowly*)

Stranger: heck no.

Stranger: harry potter ftw :P

You: hehe, ok dodge a bullet there

You: but still

You: harry potter is a bit….

You: lame

Stranger: better than twilight, so it’s good enough for me

You: ….. damn you got me there, there is no arguing your logic

Stranger: hahaha

Stranger: :]

You: ok your turn

Stranger: what’s your favorite kind of music?

You: I like Rock mostly, but i will listen to any kind of music, there is not really any genre i wont tollerate

Stranger: okay.

Stranger: hold on, brb.

Stranger: okay, back.

Stranger: your turn.

You: mmmm

You: What is your favorite pass time

Stranger: going to the beach

You: the beach = \ sure i guess, since i live in oregon you dont go that much

Stranger: haha, true

Stranger: what’s your favorite pastime then?

You: Hmmm, thats tough, i guess it would be video gaming xD

Stranger: hahahahaha, that’s completely understandable :]

You: lol you game?

You: no way

Stranger: i wish

Stranger: i suck at it

Stranger: but watching other people play is really interesting

You: really, what sytem yyou you *play* on?

You: *what system do you play on *

Stranger: haha

Stranger: xbox or wii

Stranger: sometimes ds

You: mehhh

You: your boring, its all about the ps3

Stranger: HAHAHA, nice

You: whats so funny?

Stranger: the pride you take in ps3

Stranger: it’s not funny, it’s amusing. there’s a difference :P

You: =3 you gotta have pride to be a gamer, maybe thats why your arnt so good =P

Stranger: oooh touche

You: i aint touchy = \

You: fine my turn, whats your favorite thing to do?

Stranger: EAT

Stranger: oh yes. i do like eating

You: haha

You: what kinda food?

Stranger: anything that’s not healthy for you…

You: thats the only good kind

Stranger: lol, you understand :]

You: Oreos all the way

Stranger: double stuf?

You: is there any other way to stuff an oreo?

Stranger: not that i know of

You: hehe, ok your turn

Stranger: hmm

Stranger: if you could have any superpower, what would it be?

You: the power to turn back time

You: i make to many mistakes

Stranger: good answer

You: what about your super power?

Stranger: teleportation

Stranger: i get airsick

You: hehe, ive never been in a plane

Stranger: they’re overrated

Stranger: but you gotta get places somehow

You: then you can run across the oceon

Stranger: nah, takes too long

You: i guess, it does

Stranger: is it my turn again?

You: i think so

Stranger: okay

Stranger: umm

Stranger: what are you studying right now?

You: Right now im not studying anything in particular, but im going to major in Psychology.

Stranger: haha, that’s what i meant :P

You: well maybe you should be more specific xD

Stranger: pshaw

You: dont pshaw me

You: =P get it right

Stranger: i believe i just did :P

Stranger: i meant pshawing

Stranger: ^look i got it right! i was specific

You: hehe

Stranger: your turn

You: mmmm

You: what do you think about skirts?

Stranger: tough to move around in. i’d much rather wear pants

You: really, i heard they were flowy?

Stranger: actually, it depends

You: i would like it if my legs weren’t wraped in pants all the time

You: thats why i like shorts

Stranger: haha, that’s understandable

Stranger: hm

Stranger: what’s your favorite color and why?

You: …. green because its always been

You: and its full of life

Stranger: green is good for your eyes too :D

You: i like green eyes, they are pretty

Stranger: dang i gotta work on the specific thing

Stranger: i meant looking at green things is good for your eyesight

You: what specific thing?

Stranger: being more specific

You: ahhh haha, but you don’t you think green eyes are pretty?

You: i have stupid brown eyes = \

Stranger: yeah, i’d agree with that

You: =(

You: my eyes are stupid

Stranger: so are mine D:

You: haha, so my tern?

Stranger: mhm

You: so, how is your school life?

Stranger: it’s actually pretty stressful, but i’m still doing quite well;

You: how is it stressful?

Stranger: a lot of pressure

You: from whom, or what?

Stranger: the collegeboard tests

Stranger: SATS

Stranger: APs

Stranger: and trying to keep my GPA up

You: whats it at right now?

Stranger: like 3.9 ish?

You: ….. dude chill out

Stranger: hahaha, so i’ve been told

You: really, you need to chill out, i went through school with a 3.5 and my life, is better than most

You: its fine to take a break more

Stranger: yeah well, it’s summer right now, so i have some off time :]

You: go crazy do some things, are you a senior?

Stranger: junior

You: your going into junior year, or you are going into senior?

Stranger: going into junior.

Stranger: pretty young, eh?

You: ya, so you got time to chill, and your not that young, your what 16?

Stranger: 15 :P

You: haha so your like me, your gunna graduate at 17

Stranger: yeah, 2 years to go

You: huh, you graduated?

You: your confusing me xD

Stranger: i meant 2 years until graduation :P

Stranger: i seem to confuse you a lot xP

You: gosh you gotta be more specific dude

You: dont make me pshaw you

Stranger: yeah.. :P

Stranger: oh no! that’d be terrible

You: hehe, ok your turn

Stranger: oh

Stranger: i got a good one

Stranger: what’s your name? :O

You: Michael

You: how bout you “stranger”

You: let me guess

Stranger: annie.

Stranger: darn.

You: damn xD

Stranger: :P

You: i was wrong anyway

Stranger: lol what were you going to guess?

You: ii was gunna say Beth or somthing like sharon

Stranger: nawww

You: what kinda hair do you have?

Stranger: straight. black.

You: lolz i have an afro

Stranger: :O that’s cool

You: I’m half black and then a bunch of other things

Stranger: haha, that’s a great way to put it. “a bunch of other things”

You: to long and to many to remember or even care lol

Stranger: thus the “bunch of other things” xD

You: yes

You: exactly

You: OK, your turn

Stranger: ummmmm

Stranger: favorite ice cream flavor?

You: chocolate brownie

Stranger: i like chocolate chip cookie dough

You: ^.^ that kind is good too

Stranger: i like the chewy bits of dough they put in there :]

You: yes those are awsome

You: hey

You: lol you still have yet to ask my age.

Stranger: right

Stranger: how old are you?

You: ummmm……

You: 18

Stranger: haha, you had to think about it?

You: no, i just thought it would be more suspencful

Stranger: touche

You: lol

You: lolz i got a question

You: why have you been putting up with me this entire time?

Stranger: i’m bored

Stranger: and i really don’t want to do my bio homework

Stranger: and you’re the first person to be a decent conversationalist

Stranger: that’s why

You: well…. thats good enough for me haha

Stranger: haha

Stranger: why have YOU been putting up with ME this entire time then?

You: well you havent spammed me yet, and plus i like talking to youngins, since i am majoring in psychology it fun

You: its*

You: plus its not like i would avoid you had we not met on here

Stranger: ^that was a confusing sentence.

You: …….

You: if we had met somewhere else i wouldnt avoid you

Stranger: OH

Stranger: gotcha

Stranger: :P

You: haha still a highschool student = P

Stranger: yeah, what can i say? english isn’t one of my strong subjects

You: what are?

Stranger: history and science

You: = \ ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

You: nerd = P

Stranger: pshaw

You: lol

You: its ok, im good at math even though i hate it

You: im good at math, science, and physics

You: but i hate them all

Stranger: yeah, i’m good at history but i don’t really like it

Stranger: i’m good at science and i like it

Stranger: and i’m not good at math but i like it

You: mmmmm

You: i cant beleive you like math

Stranger: the fact that there’s a definite answer to the problems appeals to me

You: yea thats the part i like, the fact that it is a real answer, not just a guess

Stranger: or like the vague “as long as you can prove it” english ones

You: i think languare sucks

Stranger: same

Stranger: least favorite subject is language

Stranger: any

You: ya

You: they are hard to learn

Stranger: i think i’m more of a calculation person

You: me too

You: my thoughts and feelings are based strickly on logic

Stranger: exactly :]

You: haha we are two peas in a pod, how funny

Stranger: quite

You: so what do you have planed for tomarow?

Stranger: absolutely nothing

You: haha, lucky

You: i gotta go to class xD

Stranger: in the summer? :O

You: im in college lol

Stranger: you guys don’t get breaks? :O

You: you can choose

You: but you have to pay for it

You: well you have to pay anyway. but you have to pay for summer

You: never mind just forget that part xD

Stranger: lol okay…

Stranger: so if you’re in psychology

Stranger: does that mean you can tell what kind of person i am by what you know about me so far?

You: Hmm well if you dont calm yourself lil girl your gunna turn into a workaholic no for yourself but just to please everyone else

You: it seems that you have many freinds but only a few that you hold dear

You: and your pretty boring ^.^

You: did i hit the mark?

Stranger: spot on

You: i can also tell that you are shy, but more so open than most

You: shy people

Stranger: dang, you’re good

You: =3

Stranger: anything else?

You: Mmmm you like animals

Stranger: somewhat

You: you like dogs more than cats

You: your favorite animal is some sort of bird

Stranger: HECK YES


Stranger: :O

You: 0.o

You: im magical

Stranger: lol

Stranger: well i gotta go

Stranger: nice talking to you

You: nice talking you, talk to you never lol

You: gl with life, and calm down a bit

You: high school is to short not to have fun

Stranger: haha thanks :]

Stranger: good luck with college

Stranger: and japan

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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