No COWS no more

You: ask me anything
Stranger: are you a space alien?
You: yes
You: how did u guess that so quickly
Stranger: i believe the russians have been on touch with space aliens to spy on rivals
Stranger: are you sent by the russians
Stranger: ?
You: no
You: i was sent from my planet independent from any country on earth
You: ill tell u why im here but promise and swear that you wont tell anyone else?
Stranger: sure
Stranger: i won’t tell anyone
Stranger: i cross my heart
Stranger: only if you were here, you could have seen it
You: i believe you
You: i have a sensor which could detect liars so im sure ur tue
You: so im here to count the no of cows on earth
Stranger: omg
Stranger: you’re going to count the number of cows?
Stranger: damn
You: on my planet we use cow milk to generate electricity
Stranger: that’s preposterous
Stranger: can you do that?
Stranger: damn, you have powers we earthlings can’t even think of
You: after we count the cows we will bring enough of space ships to carry them
Stranger: you’re going to take away our cows?
You: we wont leave one cow on earth
Stranger: now now
Stranger: that’s not good
Stranger: we like the cows
Stranger: we need them here
You: well we dont really care
Stranger: they are an important part of our ecological system
You: well u can replace them
Stranger: without them, the earth will reform itself to an undesirable place
Stranger: we can’t live there
You: or u can make robot cows to replace them
Stranger: cows are irreplacable
Stranger: no robot, no machine can ever replace them
You: not my problem really
You: its done our minds are set
You: and actually right know the counting is taking place
Stranger: well then , you should get your lie detector checked
Stranger: i
Stranger: i;ve already told my boy friend about this plan of yours
Stranger: and he’s told the cops
You: you @#@#@#*#@*#@*#
Stranger: they’ll find you, alien
Stranger: and they’ll hold you in prison
You: well u will make me use the hard way
Stranger: and put a court order on you
Stranger: a restraining order
You: well u cant do that
Stranger: that you can;t come within 100 ft of earth
You: im in yuor room right know
You: under your bed
Stranger: are you my boy friend?
You: no
Stranger: did my boy friend plan all of this
Stranger: is my boy friend the real alien
You: no
Stranger: trying to take all the cows from us and hence unbalance the ecological system
You: dont under estimate my powers
You: or my planets poweras
You: we’re very powerful
Stranger: well, after a restraining order, i’m sure you can;t do much
Stranger: no planet’s above the law
You: now that u r threatening me im urged to use the hard way ive been too soft
You: now in the count of five ill come from under the bed
Stranger: and the hard way is?
Stranger: all righty
Stranger: come over alien
Stranger: i’m not scared of you
You: and take you away to my place
Stranger: ohh my
Stranger: mr alien
Stranger: what will you do with me?
You: then ill keep u with me
You: ill feed you alien food
You: which you wont like
Stranger: ohh my
You: and you ll drink alien cola
You: for 2 days
You: then my planets police will come and take you
Stranger: is that liquid tar in earth ?
Stranger: ohh, not the police
You: and there on my planet they will change u into a cow
Stranger: ohh please mr alien
Stranger: please
Stranger: not me
Stranger: what did i ever do to you
You: and youll spend the rest of your life grazing and being milked
Stranger: other than almost ruin your plan of getting all the cows from earth
You: well threatened to reveal our secret
Stranger: well, the milking part’s fine by me
You: btw you will have to marry another cow
Stranger: and i like grass
Stranger: i don’t eat it though
You: do u like doing cows
You: ha?
Stranger: i like doing aliens
You: now
Stranger: why can’t i just marry you
You: well r u m/f
Stranger: f
Stranger: do aliens have genders as well?
You: no not really
You: we dont care about that
You: we propagate by fission
Stranger: ohk
You: so u will be changed into acow marry another be pregnant give birth be milked
You: and that is how youll life will be
You: happy now u think that’s easy!!!!!!!!!!!
You: the count down starts now in
You: 5
You: 4
You: 3
You: 2
You: do u have anythig ot say
You: or any last wish
You: 1.5
You: 1.25
You: 1.09
You: 1.08
You: 1.07
You: 1.06
You: 1.05
You: 1.04
You: 1.03
You: 1.02
You: 1.01
You: 1
You: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
You: Well i guess ur not answering coz i took u hotage
You: hostage
You: finally all the cows on the earth will be ours (Evil laugh)
You: nihahahahahahanihahahaha
You: finally
You: next step we will take all the fish in the sea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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