Oh yeah baby, transfer me that data.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: looking for sex
You: oh yeah..
You: Well
You: go out then?
You: look for some?
Stranger: did
Stranger: need anonymity
Stranger: im hideous
You: ohh, damnies
You: :(
Stranger: like boils everywhere
You: Haha, sweet as
You: That’s just what I like
Stranger: wanna f*ck?
You: Yeah sure
You: Right now, I’m showing my usb 2.0 into the network cable slot
You: and releasing my data
You: ohhh yeah
Stranger: oooh baby
You: there goes an .mp3
You: ohh yeah
Stranger: mp3?
Stranger: really?
Stranger: you like that shit?
You: Oh wait, i looked back
You: it wasn’t
Stranger: thats the shittiest file type ever
You: it was a
Stranger: im done with you
You: noo baby
Stranger: you crossed a line
You: Transfer me some data
Stranger: you dont deserve my data
Stranger: .flac is too good for you
You: You can plug your network into my usb 2.0 anytime baby
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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