Omegle hate

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: hey
Stranger: asl?
You: no
You: die
You: I dont mean like, just fall over dead’
Stranger: i will,, just cus u want me to:)
You: I mean, like, fall into a pit of lava’
Stranger: i can do that
You: or maybe a bathtub of hydrochloric acid
You: somthing really horrific
You: maybe a woodchipper
You: feet first
Stranger: r u nuts or sumthin?
Stranger: looooool
You: no I just hate people who ask asl
You: hate is too tame a word
You: maybe, despise?
You: wish ill upon?
Stranger: hahahaha does any of what ure saying making sense?
Stranger: im still here cus im having a good time with this
You: does it not make sense?
You: you asked me the stupidest question in the universe and I am responding in kind
Stranger: hahahahahaha u make me laugh,, thats good :)
You: good think you are laughing
Stranger: so anyways,, what r u doin here?
You: cause if god hears my prayers you will be eaten by a tiger tomorrow
Stranger: hahahahaha
Stranger: God does not hear to people like u
You: that’s the last think you will think when the tiger is eviserating you
Stranger: HAHAHAHAHA youre really funny!
Stranger: im sad youre so bit tho :(
You: bit?
You: you mean bitter?
You: nah I am just really mean spirited
Stranger: yeah,, i can see
You: I really hate people who use two commas
Stranger: jajajajajaja u r sooo strange!
Stranger: ,,,
You: ok screw the tiger
Stranger: please let it be a shark!
You: I am hoping for an aligator bite that gets infected and festers slowly
You: or maybe a deadly snake
Stranger: jajaja youre really spiritual arent u?1
You: no wait
You: I got it
Stranger: tell meee!!!
Stranger: i wanna laugh!
You: a spider that lays eggs inside your brain so the baby spiders eat your brains slowely over the course of months
Stranger: hahahaha aww:) thanks!
Stranger: ur really nice
You: no prob anything for you
Stranger: u a guy or girl?
Stranger: wanna imagine u,,, looooool
You: omfg
You: now I have to up the ante
You: ok, that fish that lodges into your penis when you pee in the water…and you die cause you cant pee anymore
You: that is what I wish happens to you
You: btw take a trip to ecuador sometime soon and piss in rivers
You: it will be awesome
You have disconnected.

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