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Recently a few people have emailed me asking if I would post some videos. You can record videos on omegle using screen recording software like Camtasia, but a variety of free recording software exists for download on the internet. Omegle videos could be interesting, I figured, so I went to the archives to find an assortment for your viewing pleasure. Attached below you can find videos of conversations between two random strangers, similar to Chatroulette, as many people have now began using Omegle’s videochat feature. I can’t imagine the implications of this behavior from a privacy standpoint. But, without further ado:

Dancing like this could very well be considered illegal in India, so tread carefully all omegle chatters!

Bored Omegle girl on video… annoying accent, but she pretty much lays out exactly what this whole scene is all about:

This movie, “65 strangers head bopping to What is Love for YouTube,” has to be my favorite. Any of you out there in digital world seen the movie A Night at the Roxberry? Great movie.

Post your favorite videos from the service in the comments below.

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